10 Most Trusted Healthcare Marketing Services Companies in 2023, January2023

10 Most Trusted Healthcare Marketing Services Companies in 2023


Bichsel Medical Marketing Group: Translating Scientific Promises into Business Performances

In late 2020, investors’ deal-making with biotech and med device Startups had gone up to 60% of what they invested in 2020, as found in a McKinsey global report. Despite the COVID-19 economic hardships, the biotech and med device industries were surging with innovation, particularly in the United States, Europe, and China, followed by other regions. But in the midst of accelerating growth, how likely is it for these healthcare start-ups – to create value in the future? Responding to the question, investors suggest, “They may have to improve their...

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Telemedicine has been mooted to be the upcoming tool in the healthcare armamentarium. Its capability to deliver complex data across large geographic boundaries instantaneously is hoped to play a vital role in ensuring quality healthcare. The rapid rise in high quality digital connectivity and the ready access to digital payments across the nation have already paved the way for these transformations.  Various health tech options have emerged since the past decade which cater to various aspects and angles...

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