5 Tech innovations that make Home Care Easy

With the development of computers, it was discovered that analogue communication methods were limited in their ability to transmit information since radio waves, airways, and other physical waves can only carry so much data.

Close to half-a-century back when computers became a reality, so did digitization though in rudimentary ways. A few decades since then and we are in the midst of a raging whirlpool of digitization that may in a short while envelope every aspect of life where communication and service are a given.

Of these, the following 5 innovations stand out prominently.

IoT devices!

According to Stastita.com, close to 40 billion active IoT devices worldwide shall be in operations in just a few years from now. A plethora of sensors embedded in as many devices and appliances will monitor you and your actions in comparison to set standards with respect to hundreds of actions, including exercise, sleep patterns, air conditioning in relation to body temperature, heart-rate and blood-pressure details, details of blood sugar, bathroom lighting, food in the refrigerator, and clothing in the washer.

Apart from exchanging information with other connected devices, a device would communicate information to a centralised hub for any reason. This hub connects to the internet and transmits and stores every bit of information to take relevant action, including sounding the alarm, increasing/reducing the aircon, note the body’s vitals against standards and inform when things go out-of-hand, heat water in the kitchen or the bath’s boiler, adjust lighting to suite the occasion and the mood, inform on the status of foods in the refrigerators…and so on, and on and on!

It would make it easier to avoid the ordinary and mundane and focus solely on the crucial and urgent issues. It would also help when we forget or get forgetful- yes, patients of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer would stand to gain as the machines would do things they would be expected otherwise.

Robots to clean and cook

The Narwal T10 Mop & Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Self-Cleaning device is the way the world is headed as far a technology is concerned. It not only cleans up floors but also goes back to its Base and cleans itself. It’s cleaning includes both dry and wet cleaning wherein it cleans its own brushes and other accessories.

With two high-capacity tanks, it can sense both clean and dirty water and can spray for further cleaning. Using SLAM navigation, it records a home’s layout on smart Maps to ensure systematic cleaning besides charging its batteries on its own when the latter runs low. With a powerful suction device and a battery of sensors, it is said to loosen and then eliminates debris – even hair without itself getting entangled!

And that’s just one. These days, intelligent washing machines, dishwashers, and even chimneys are popular since they not only do their jobs well but also take care of themselves without significantly increasing their owners’ expenses.

  1. IoT activated safety systems!

With cameras connected to the Wi-Fi network for access management and monitoring, the Internet of Things has surveillance systems firmly in its grasp. These can be controlled, mobilized, immobilized, and changed at the touch of a button on a smartphone’s app.

Using a combination of cameras, sensors, illumination, sound system detectors, and to not only record but also deter potential dangers, IoT is in charge of building the correct web. Using wireless protocols such as Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, or a proprietary mesh, it helps add or reduce access thru doors and windows besides monitoring motion and movements thru places. Their output can be stored either in devices on premises, on the equipment itself (on SD cards) or on the cloud. These are based on usage and personal spending.

  1. Smart switches!

IoT has given a new meaning to switches and sockets! They are increasingly getting the “smart” tag and are said to be enriching lives worldwide. By the end of 2021, it’s anticipated that more than USD 60 billion will have been spent globally on smart switches, making them a vital component of daily life.

Like everything “smart”, the smart switches too report to a central hub that connects to the net, and thereon to the app which controls it. Its “smartness” is derived from the fact that it can control devices that are connected to it be they devices, appliances, lights, and fans. Depending upon the app’s functionality, commands can either be typed-in or increased-decreased manually (like a remote) or thru voice commands. These can further be connected to security cameras, alarm, and music systems to address a variety of needs. Their benefits range from convenience to easy integration of multiple functionality (lights with sound to act as an alarm or to just set right a bad mood!), to efficient integration of systems including sensors, camera and other safety devices for the perfect and impenetrable security web to savings on costs by timely switching on and off appliances in use.

  1. Smart security cameras!

No matter where you are on the plant, security is no longer a concern thanks to digitization and all of its side benefits, such as connected gadgets. One can capture events in a variety of ways, including cameras that can record, save, and broadcast live images and whole movies of incidents, whether one is in the brightest or darkest of locations. These have been such a success that in several communities throughout the world, street crime incidents have decreased so significantly that it’s difficult to remember a period when things weren’t safe. Today, security cameras with infrared, motion detectors, and 360-degree coverage are available in a variety of formats to suit all demands and budgets.

Most homes feature single-location built-in storage cameras at the bottom, which record information to SD cards that are placed into the camera. For those seeking a wider scope, the building is equipped with a number of cameras and a dedicated hard drive that continuously scans and records the events of the whole day. The output of these cameras can be viewed anywhere with Internet of Things or a net connection. At the top of the pyramid are entire complexes surrounded by cameras that are integrated with alarm systems, sirens, and access control systems that not only record but also warn, and with the right permissions, can even bar entry into certain places. All of this is done while sending images and information to be authorised people through specific apps.

The realm of technological advancements in home care is growing exponentially every day. Older discoveries gradually fade away in the wake of newer ones, albeit occasionally they make an attempt to resurface. Having said that, this is a fascinating place to be. As for us, we’ll keep bringing you fresher concepts as they emerge.