A new study finds that the occurrence of colon cancer is increasing in younger people


According to reports from the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer is rising more in younger people, and cases are being discovered at later stages. Sixty percent of new cases are in the advanced stages of the disease.

“Shockingly, one in every five people diagnosed today is under 55. This is quite young for colorectal cancer,” says Dr. Karen Knudsen, CEO of the American Cancer Society.

Brief Overview

Colorectal cancer is still the third leading cause of death in the United States. The American Cancer Society predicts 153,020 new cases and 52,550 deaths this year.

“This shift toward more aggressive disease is indeed impeding our ability to save more lives from colorectal cancer,” Knudsen adds. “So, the best medicine we have to catch colorectal cancer early and eliminate it is to ensure that someone does not ignore symptoms, takes every possible avenue to improve their health, and gets screened according to appropriate guidelines.”

For years, medical researchers have been tracking the rise in colorectal cancer among young adults, even as rates among older people have been declining.

According to CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook, the decline in patients over 50 as a result of the success of colonoscopies, which detect polyps that can be removed before they become cancerous.

The recommended age for the first colonoscopy screening was lowered to 45 in 2018 for those at average risk. Doctors recommend being aware of your troubles, including your family history and getting screened. “We shouldn’t be screening at a younger age,” Canale says. She was diagnosed when she was too young for a routine colonoscopy.

End Note

As a result of the metastatic disease, the colon’s initial mass was about the size of an orange, and liver masses were already present. Canale claims that regular chemotherapy has reduced the size of her tumors.

“I’m confident that I’ll be fine. I notice it. And I know that my positivity can assist others in becoming more aware of their bodies and what is going on with them, “she claims. Canale encourages everyone to get screened, even if it is only with an at-home test.

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