Affordable Care Act Enrollment Opens on November 1st: NJ Obamacare Insights

care act

New Jerseyans looking for health insurance through the state’s ACA marketplace will have more options, higher prices, and more enormous subsidies to help pay for coverage.

With open enrollment commencing November 1st, health professionals advise customers to take advantage of the opportunity to compare a shop in the program colloquially known as Obamacare.

“Really consider whether your current plan is meeting your needs and the needs of your family in terms of the deductible and the amount of health care that you require,” said Jason Resendez, a board member for Consumers For Quality Care, a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group.

Get Covered NJ, New Jersey’s Affordable Care Act market serves approximately 300,000 residents. It provides policies to customers who do not have health insurance through Medicare, Medicaid, or their employer.

Customers’ premiums have risen as a result of rising inflation. New federal subsidies are intended to reduce that cost. New Jersey residents will have a new healthcare insurer to choose from this year.

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