Apps Show Where Vacationers Exercise the Most and the Least


Data from fitness apps like Strava and ClassPass reveals that travelers tend to be more active in certain locations while on vacation. The fitness app Strava, with 100 million users in 195 countries, shows that travelers are more active than locals when visiting smaller cities in Europe. These cities include Split, Croatia; Dodecanese Islands, Greece; Lagos, Portugal; Las Palmas, Spain; and Nord-Aurdal, Norway. These destinations are often warm, coastal locations in southern Europe, except for Nord-Aurdal, which is known for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, fishing, and skiing.

Conversely, Strava’s data shows that travelers are less active than locals in parts of the Caribbean and Central America, including Trinidad and Tobago, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Venezuela, and Costa Rica. It’s worth noting that even active travelers tend to reduce their exercise routines while on vacation, with nearly four in ten runners reducing their running times by at least 30% during summer vacations in 2022.

Data from the fitness membership app ClassPass reveals where American travelers are booking fitness classes when traveling abroad. From January to September 2023, American travelers booked classes most frequently in cities like Lisbon, Portugal; Montreal, Canada; Copenhagen, Denmark; Stockholm, Sweden; Madrid, Spain; Barcelona, Spain; Dublin, Ireland; Toronto, Canada; Vancouver, Canada; and Berlin, Germany. The most popular classes booked by travelers include Pilates, yoga, strength training, cycling, and barre.

Additionally, Sedona, Arizona, is the most searched city in the United States on the hiking trail app AllTrails. Known for its physical and spiritual wellness offerings, Sedona attracts visitors seeking hiking and outdoor activities, especially in July.