Artificial Intelligence helps Improve the Treating Women with Heart Attacks 

heart attacks

Heart attacks count to be one of the main causes of death globally, highlighting the fact that women have a higher mortality rate than men. Cardiologists the world over have been concerned over the matter for decades, sparking a debate in the medical community on the causes and consequences of the potential gaps in the treatment. 

As per a study, a heart attack in women frequently appears as abdomen discomfort radiating to the back or nausea and vomiting, while the symptoms in men are observed to be the pain expanding from the chest towards the left shoulder. Unfortunately, these symptoms are often misunderstood by the patients and healthcare professionals leading to tragic outcomes.  

“Using a machine learning algorithm and the largest datasets in Europe we were able to develop a novel artificial- intelligence-based risk score which accounts for sex-related differences in the baseline risk profile and improves the prediction of mortality in both sexes,” said, Florian A. Wenzl, author in the Center for Molecular Medicine at the University of Zurich. 

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