As of SoCal’s historic rainfall, the mosquito season could be more serious than ever


Despite the fact that mosquito season is still a few months away in Southern California, this one may be one of the worst because of all the rain in the beginning of the year. The Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District, on the other hand, is taking the initiative.

Spots that did not previously have standing water might now have some, according to Heather Hyland, OC Vector’s director of communications. Hyland stated, “There are areas that are filling up because of the rain and producing more egg laying sites for mosquitos than usual.”

South California’s Mosquito Season

She stated that during California’s mosquito season, they are seeing more mosquitoes in traps set up to track their population. The entire county is being treated by OC Vector.” “You can see wetlands, marshes, storm drains, and channels where we conduct wide area control,” Hyland stated.

However, she claimed that aggressive Aedes mosquitoes, also known as “ankle biters,” are present. They can raise in patios and chomp during the day. Hyland tells people to look for places where they can put their eggs down.

She advised, “Look for tires, plant saucers, and old toys that are out.” Put them in the unit for storage. We’re in any event, seeing grills rearing since they have the little plate in them.” According to OC Vector, eliminating breeding sources will aid in controlling the obnoxious insects. The district is prepared to address any county-wide issues that may arise.

Hyland said that residents should do their part and report any water that is still standing that they think hasn’t been treated. Beginning next week, California Mosquito Week will provide individuals with information on how to manage the mosquito population.

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