B.7 and B.1.2.7 Causing a Gush in Covid Cases in China


Both the novel variations are omicron sub-lineages that have been described as “more infectious” than prior omicron sub-lineages in circulation.

Several cities in China were adopting new lockdowns and travel restrictions ahead of a big Communist Party gathering in Beijing next week after the number of new daily Covid-19 cases increased in recent weeks.

China reported 2,089 new local cases on October 10. As infections grow, Shanghai and other major Chinese cities, like Shenzhen, have increased COVID-19 testing, prompting some local authorities to close schools, entertainment venues, and tourist attractions.

The authorities recorded 2,089 new local illnesses, the largest since August 20. Infections have reached their highest level since August, owing to increased domestic travel over the National Day “Golden Week” earlier this month.

Local incidences of the highly transmissible BF.7 Omicron subvariant quadrupled in Shenzhen. According to sources, inbound travellers would be subjected to three tests over the course of three days.

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