B2B Medical Device Marketplace Unveiled by MedicaEx

B2B Medical Device Marketplace Unveiled by MedicaEx

MedicaEx.com announced that, it is operating a “one-stop online marketplace” to connect buyers and sellers of medical devices and medical equipment.

Also, the company said that it has found that almost all companies making B2B purchases of medical devices use online resources, and one third of them use email newsletters in the process.

MedicaEx General Manager Luke Yang said in a prepared statement, that MedicaEx showcases excellent medical equipment and technology from all over the world. This platform is easy to use, and a fantastic way for companies to get exposure for their products.

He also said that, if you’re a manufacturer, this platform is the best way for you to showcase your products, and if you’re a distributor, you can connect with a seller to access the products you need. MedicaEx can also publish your research or news on its blog.

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