Consuming more Tea and Coffee might help millions of diabetics enjoy longer lives


A new study suggests that people with diabetes could live longer if they drink more tea and coffee throughout the day. Type 2 diabetes influences around 3.9 million individuals in England, causing side effects, for example, high glucose levels which can bring about coronary failures or strokes.

However, Harvard University experts claim that drinking tea or coffee, which have anti-inflammatory properties, rather than fizzy, sugary beverages could be extremely beneficial.

Less Coffee and Tea

The researchers completed a review which traversed more than 18 years, following members’ drinking propensities and what it meant for their wellbeing. The full details of the experiment, which included 15,000 Americans with type 2 diabetes and an average age of 61, were published in the British Medical Journal.

According to the findings of the team, people who drank more than one fizzy drink per day were five times more likely to die young. According to the Sun, participants who drank up to six cups of coffee had a 26% lower risk of early death, while those who drank a lot of tea had a 21% lower risk.

The people who selected to drink more espresso and tea after they were determined to have diabetes had a 18 percent lower hazard of an early demise, the group found. Approximately 49% of the 15,486 diabetics died, resulting in 7,638 deaths. Heart disease struck approximately 3,447 participants.

Scientist Dr Le Mama said, “Espresso has useful constituents which might decrease irritation. Tea is likewise a decent wellspring of polyphenols, particularly catechins, which bear cell reinforcement and mitigating properties.”

Dr Le Mama said great beverage ­choices among diabetics were indispensable for good wellbeing. In a similar vein, participants who preferred water (23 percent) or low-fat milk (12 percent) over fizzy juice also benefited from improved health.

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