Cutting off One Food Group from Diet will Help Lose Belly Fat Faster: Dr Michael Mosley

Belly Fat

Michael Mosley, a TV physician, has offered insightful guidance to people trying to reduce belly fat.

The celebrity, who is presently starring on Channel 4’s Michael Mosley: Secrets of Your Big Shop, has given advice to people who have made diet plans for 2024. He clarified that cutting off a food group from your daily allotment could be quite beneficial.

According to the sources, Dr. Mosley emphasized that losing belly fat is safer than people may believe and that the abdomen is not a good area to store fat. “Your body will look to other reserves, like your glutes, to find the extra energy needed to fuel a small energy deficit, or a standard gym session,” the speaker stated.

Thankfully, recent developments in sports and medical science have demonstrated that it is feasible to flip this gradient. Belly fat is something you can quickly lose.”

Doctor Mosley has emphasized that eliminating one food group from your diet should be your top goal if you’re looking for “quick” benefits. In order to avoid sugar spikes in your diet, do that.

The physician continued by advising those who want to lose weight to consume “no more than twice a week” of any food or beverage that has more than 5% sugar. Additionally, they ought to swap out processed carbohydrates like white bread and spaghetti for “slow-energy sources, like quinoa or brown rice.”

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