Dr. Katie Lau: Transforming the Medical Aesthetic Industry

Katie Lau
Katie Lau | CEO

The health care sector is expanding with amplified technological innovations and utilities. This is positively impacting various elements and services of the field and is prominently being noticed in different cosmetic surgeries. They subsequently present the patients with multiple non-invasive techniques for the beauty services they desire, benefitting them with cost-effective, safe, and durable rejuvenation.

Research suggests that most of the beneficiaries of medical aesthetic services are women, around 85 percent of them, but the number of women health professionals in this sector is few. But, as the popular saying goes, “change is the only constant,” which is becoming true for leadership in this industry too. It is starting to welcome a multitude of women leaders onboard. One such exemplary woman figurehead is Dr. Katie Lau, who is changing the medical aesthetic industry with her expertise in non-invasive beauty techniques.

To pursue her ambition in this field and reach out to more people, she started her clinic – Dr. Katie Clinic, which carefully considers patients’ needs and ensures safety by not just performing the medical drill but by “sculpting” them.

Let us read further on how she is leading in this field!

Inspiration Behind Dr. Katie’s Journey

Katie had not planned on venturing into this field before her medical sojourn. Katie was a professional athlete. She had started training for competitive swimming at the age of 8 and was the silver medalist for the 4 x 100 meters Freestyle Relay of the Asian Games held in Hiroshima in 1994. She was the Hong Kong Record Holder of a hundred meters Butterfly for nine years since 1993 and attained World Ranking number sixteen that year too, the first swimmer of Hong Kong to have achieved an ambitious goal and world-renowned title.

But destiny had other plans for her. Reminiscing her early days, Katie says, “My childhood path has never led me into daring dreams of pursuing my career in the medical field, despite being immensely passionate in my current healthcare mission. I majored in the Science stream in high school, which gave me a basic foundation; my family and teachers strongly pushed me to pursue education to be a medical professional. Also, both sides of my family have no precedence in serving this field; they find it worth giving it a try. I had not imagined that this decision would be life-changing and exciting to me.”

Although she was very disadvantaged at the starting point of her medical career, she was determined to reach her full potential and make gradual progress in the same way when she was a professional athlete. She says, “In any competition, there is always only one winner, and I worked hard to adjust my shortcomings and disappointments whenever I came across situations where I wasn’t in the winning position.”

Those feelings, paired with the pressure to not fail kept pushing her forward. Comparing her athletic journey with her medical journey, she decided to train to be tough and to stay strong while doing everything in her power to be positive and deliver effective results.

After this, Katie didn’t let the opportunity slip.

She started her clinic to serve the healthcare industry and led it with her innovations and ideas. While founding the clinic, Katie felt that it was more than starting a business. She wanted to set up a space where she could apply her philosophies in treating patients. During her surgical training, she always appreciated the feeling of using her bare hands to help patients, which helped her in uncovering the nuances of natural beauty after she stepped into the aesthetic medicine industry which was accompanied by her strong commitment to personal and professional values.

Sculpting Health with Values

Katie firmly believes in establishing communication with a patient first. For this, she tries to know them thoroughly as a person and then find out more about their health conditions, personality, work, habits, hobbies, and above all, skin health and weak points.

Post these details; she continues further with analyzing, discussing, and giving treatment details, including options, basic mechanisms, procedure, effect and outcome, possible complications, cost, and finally, the best-informed consent before any forms of treatments commence.

She believes that each and every human has their unique appearance, and rather than reconstructing them into ‘perfection’ by invasive means, it is much better to gently ‘sculpt’ them to only enhance their natural appearance.

She imbibes these personal beliefs in the services she offers to help patients feel beautiful inside out.

Treating with the Safest Products

By using energy-based devices and injectables, which are non-invasive methods, Katie’s patients are experiencing a major boost in their skin and their outer appearance, making them feel confident, which is mirrored in their work and social life, transforming their entire personalities as they desire.

In the beginning, she didn’t expect great feedback from her patients, but after some time, the efforts started showing results. Her patients were much relieved by what they received. As Katie likes working with her hands more, she believes in helping patients with her hands instead of just prescribing a handful of medications.

Another reason for Katie’s non-invasive approach is because they are relatively safe, reversible, and involves less risk. All the products used by Katie are FDA approved, which means they are proven the safest. A bundle of these factors has helped Katie gather a committed and trusting patient conglomeration over the past years, and among these, the most important element she values is patients’ safety during the process.

Ensuring Care with Safety

Dr. Katie especially takes care of patients’ comfort and complete procedure safety with excellent clinical results through her thorough supervision. Treatment starts with a holistic approach with tailor-made treatment plans that cater to the needs of her patients. The clinic ensures both professional and aesthetic aspects for patients, and also takes care of their psychological aspects.

Despite these prior measures and service delivery, some patients might feel skeptical and worried about their well-being during their treatments.

To take care of this, Katie strictly follows the first basic principle of medicine she learned during her medical school days which was not to harm. Ensuring safety in her products is of prime importance to her. As opposed to traditional means like constructive surgery, she believes in using novel and non-aggressive means like fillers and energy-based devices that impose fewer risks to patients – both physiologically and psychologically.

She says, “My regular approach is to utilize the benefits provided by the basic and most non-invasive technique, pharmacology, and then slowly move up the chain of other aggressive treatments as a last resort.”

The end effect of this is reversible and non-permanent, giving patients the choice and chance to undo it if the outcome is not what they want. This is a distinctive practice the clinic follows, which is further enhanced by including novel technological solutions.

Advancing With Technology

According to Katie, people perceive treatments to be more reliable when newer advancements are incorporated as they are well informed. Katie is aware of the influence technology tools, and web platforms are having on the contemporary beauty industry.

Talking about her views on technological upgrades in the industry, Katie says, “I am open to all technological changes in the industry.” As a person who is abreast of changing trends in technologies as well as social trends over the past 10 years, she thinks the current technologies are less time-consuming and also cost-effective, especially the edge provided by artificial intelligence and robotic assistance that have expedited the treatment process and improved outcomes. Katie makes sure that all her innovations, evidence-based techniques, and methods are at the disposal of her patients on demand and help her tackle any professional exceptions.

From Challenges to Opportunities

Talking about the challenges she faced, she says, “Although I am eager to develop my own business, it is not always easy to start a clinic in Hong Kong. As per the legal acts and procedures of the country, healthcare professionals are not allowed to host any promotions or marketing campaigns, which is why I wasn’t allowed to get my previous patients.”

But these challenges didn’t stop her from achieving her goals. To make the most from the resources she had, she says, “I started from the foundation, making people aware of my clinic through word-of-mouth only. It was an arduous task in the beginning, but my skills of professionalism, special attention to patients, and hard work started giving results soon.”

This problem solver attitude is helping her to deliver optimally the best products, in the shortest interval, with long-lasting results.

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