Getting Into Your Skin with Torricelumn™: The Story of Elizabeth Grant Skin Care

Margot Grant Witz | CXO | Elizabeth Grant Skin Care
Margot Grant Witz | CXO

It’s true to say that not all great companies last in the business, and even more true when talking about the beauty industry. It is almost unheard of to say that our company, Elizabeth Grant Skin Care, has been around for 75 years (and counting). What has helped us last for over 7 decades in the beauty industry? Our company is based on science & technology while being rooted in family values and one that has been changing the skincare industry for over 75 years. It all started with an accident. My grandmother, Elizabeth Grant, did not always have the flawless skin she has today. Her skin was damaged during the Second World War, and it became a source of personal shame and embarrassment – to the point where she avoided going out in public and living her life fully.

All of that changed in 1948 when Elizabeth discovered a natural substance that was used to treat war wounds. She had it specially formulated with a unique blend of ingredients and began applying it to her own damaged skin. Gradually, but very noticeably, the transformation occurred. Within eight months, my grandmother’s skin had improved remarkably, and she was able to get her confidence back to get back to the life and job she was so desperately missing.

My grandmother, who was a makeup artist at Elstree Studios in London, England, just wanted to get her confidence back in order to not only look and feel beautiful but to ensure she could make other’s look and feel beautiful. In her work as a makeup artist, one of her clients complimented her on her skin’s fresh, healthy and youthful appearance. Flattered…and shocked that someone would actually compliment her skin after having such damage done to it…Elizabeth told her client about the miracle serum that she had created. The woman left with a sample, only to return 10 days later, asking for more.

It was in those 10 days; her client had discovered the power of Elizabeth’s moisturizing miracle. Her skin was starting to feel normal again, and her symptoms – clogged pores and skin that looked tired and age-worn – were disappearing. When she visited my grandmother after those 10 days, her skin was glowing. Little did my grandmother know that her little product that she created, not only would launch our company, but also create a new category in the skin care industry, the serum category for at home use in 1948. At first, she privately sold her products to people who asked, until she launched her trademarked secret to the public with the launch of her company in 1958, and she did it with her ingredient known as Torricelumm™.

In the 1950s, it was most unusual for women to run companies. But to know my grandmother is to know she didn’t take any notice of this; my grandmother declared her commitment to helping empower women and change the narrative of how women felt about the aging process. She knew the ins and outs of the beauty industry, not just with makeup but knowing how important it was for women of any age to feel confident in their skin. She wanted to share her remarkable skin care with people everywhere.

On the strength of my grandmother’s miracle blend, Torricelumn™, and her own determination and perseverance, she evolved the company from a home-based business to a multi-million-dollar global corporation. Formerly available by special order only, the Elizabeth Grant line of skincare and beauty products are now available directly from our website and on select teleshopping channels in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand.

So, what makes Elizabeth Grant Skin Care so different? Well, there are two main aspects:

  • We are one of the only, if not the only, privately owned skincare companies in the world owned and operated by 3 generations of women, my grandmother, Elizabeth, 99; my mother, Marion, who is my grandmother’s daughter-in-law, aged 70 and myself at 38.
  • We do not outsource any formulations. Unlike most skin care companies, who purchase someone else’s formulas, we make, manufacture and formulate every single product in our own privately owned manufacturing facility in Toronto, Ont, Canada. This was we could ensure we are creating quality products that not only work but have the ability to be a cutting-edge industry leader, something that has allowed us to not only be around for 75 years but continuously thrive in it.

We are able to not only adapt to the consumer’s needs but also change as the beauty industry changes. We have never tested on animals and can ensure our products hold our core values: delivering quality products that work for all skin types.

We understand our customers because the three of us are customers too. We truly believe aging is a blessing, something that not everyone is afforded; we shouldn’t feel bad about ourselves due to a wrinkle or two or that we are over the age of 40, 50, 60, 70, 80… and because we are three women, we understand how and why our skin is aging and changing, vs. being told how it may change, or why we should worry about it.

So what exactly is Torricelumn™? The heart of Torricelumn™ is extracted from the algae leaf, but the true transformative power lies within the pods that keep them afloat. The pods give the leaves buoyancy bringing them to the ocean’s surface to absorb sunlight and photosynthesize oxygen. This is how they get life and energy. Once gathered from the sea, the plants undergo a heating process. Biologically active substances and a mixture of natural sea vitamins and minerals are infused, and the superior moisturizing compound is created.

The seawater absorbed by kelp is similar to human plasma, allowing us to obtain the full nutritive benefits of the sea’s vitamins and minerals through the process of osmosis. To preserve their freshness, the plants must reach the laboratory by nightfall. There they go through an endothermic process. Biologically active substances and a soup of natural sea vitamins, nutrients, and minerals bond together. This is how the substance known as Torricelumn™ is formed.

As it is in every single one of our products, and because it is a natural substance that we harvest and replant, imagine the horror we felt, when I questioned the sustainability of our the ingredient that had made us number one for 75 years. I thought, what if we run out due to environmental reasons? (something completely out of our control). With current global trends, we do not know the long-term availability, and with that, we wanted to test what extreme environmental conditions could do to the efficacy of our Torricelumn™.

In our current state, we harvest twice a year, with an additional 10% allowed for R& D purposes to introduce new ingredients to our base. In this case, I asked permission to run a 3-month trial to simulate extreme environmental conditions and measure the variable response rate. (We placed extreme heat, extreme cold, an abundance of light, absolutely no light, oxygen depletion, oxygen abundance, fresh water, salt water, a flash freeze, and slow thaw).

During the 3-month testing, our biggest concerns were that our Torricelumn™ would rot, it would decay, it would decompose, and deteriorate into something we couldn’t use, and in my fear, I had wasted our entire supply for R&D purposes on a failed experiment. However, not only did the Torricelumn™ not rot, not decay, not decompose, not deteriorate…instead, a happy accident occurred: it inadvertently underwent a fermentation process.

Our Torricelumn™ is fermented into something better. With the fermentation processed Torrcelumn™ as we knew it, changed into smaller, more bioactive molecules. Simply put: Because the molecules are smaller, they are more readily absorbed into your skin. This became a super-boosted version of an ingredient that has made us number one for 75 years. Today we have found we have a more concentrated version of an already powerful ingredient.

Our proprietary compound Torricelumn™ is truly the compound that has revolutionized skin care and the reason we have transformed millions of people’s skins around the world. The heart of who we are is about balancing the science of nature and the nature of science. All while being wrapped up in family values. To learn more about Elizabeth Grant Skin Care, please visit us at:

About the Author

Margot Grant Witz grew up as a student of beauty and style. Her Grandmother, Elizabeth Grant, is the original founder of the luxury skincare company Elizabeth Grant International Inc., and her mother, Marion Witz, is the President. Several years ago, Elizabeth and Marion welcomed Margot into the company. The three women work side by side, making Elizabeth Grant Skin Care a widely successful international beauty brand. Margot now proudly holds the position of Vice President, and she is an on-air spokesperson for Elizabeth Grant Skin Care television shows around the world.

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