Growth Engine of Consumer-Centric Healthcare Solutions: Walgreens Introduces Clinical Trial Business to Redefine Patient Experience

Walgreens Introduces Clinical Trial Business to Redefine Patient Experience

On June  17th 2022, Walgreens announced the launch of its clinical trial business to redefine the patient experience and improve access and retention in sponsor-led drug development research.

The flexible clinical trial model of walgreens combines the company’s extensive foundation of patient insights, partner-enabled health and technology capabilities and in-person and virtual care options to break through barriers to engaging broader and more varied communities.

Ramita Tandon, chief clinical trials officer, Walgreens, said that Walgreens trusted community presence across the nation is combined with their enterprise-wide data and health capabilities. It allows them to pioneer a complete solution that makes health options, comprising clinical trials, more available, convenient, and equitable.

She further stated that, through the launch of the clinical trials services, they can deliver another offering for patients with complex or chronic conditions in their care journey, while assisting sponsors advance treatment options for the diverse communities they serve. This is yet another way they are building their next growth engine of consumer-centric healthcare solutions.

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