Honic and Datavant Collaborate to Develop First Linkable German Health Data System

Honic and Datavant

In order to connect a growing ecosystem of German health data, Honic, the quickly evolving health data platform for Germany, and Datavant, the industry pioneer in securely assisting organisations connect health data, today announced a partnership integrating Datavant’s connectivity software into Honic’s distinctive and highly secure data space. Through this agreement, organisations in the health and life sciences sector will be able to connect securely to vital data, enabling more cutting-edge research and improved patient outcomes while remaining GDPR compliant.

Honic has developed and put into practise a fully certified process to collect and aggregate regular medical data across silos into use-case relevant data packages, working closely with data protection regulators and patient advocates. On the basis of the Datavant token, these high-quality, interoperable datasets may be connected to produce rich, multimodal data that depicts the longitudinal patient experience.

Using ground-breaking privacy-preserving technologies, Honic’s experience in data security and Datavant’s neutral, trusted, and widespread infrastructure for the transmission of health data create a secure, compliant process:

  • To facilitate data investigation, health data is categorised and saved on the Honic platform.
  • Datavant links use-case-specific aggregations of high-quality health data on the Honic platform in order to bring disparate data sources together and produce insights into the entire patient journey.
  • Primary data from several medical specialties are made freely available to researchers around the world for use in evidence-based research and development.

The development and tokenization of clinical studies, as well as patient privacy, are all supported by this architecture. This partnership represents the German medical data landscape, which is distinguished by strict requirements regarding data protection under the GDPR, while the Datavant ecosystem expands across Europe.

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