Mental Health Benefits of Hiring a Live-in Caregiver

Mental Health
Rachelle Ventura | CXO

Out of all the reasons adult children may choose to hire a live-in caregiver, mental health may not be the first reason they give. That is because when they finally get to the point to hire, there is already a pressing concern that their loved one cannot be alone, and the family members do not realize the mental health impact they are currently experiencing. However, looking deeper, there is a two-fold benefit for our clients and their families. Hiring a live-in caregiver is beneficial for a client’s mental health because it can make them feel a sense of safety and security.

In the outbreak of COVID-19, the world was forced to shut down; everyone needed to isolate not only for their safety but as well as their families. From my experience working as a nurse during the pandemic, I saw how tough it was for those who lived alone and those who depended on their relatives to assist them with their ADLs (Activities of daily living) and IADLs (Instrumental activities of daily living).

All of a sudden, the only form of communication they had with their families and friends was by phone. I started to notice more behaviors were occurring, and frequent falls were happening. It was clear to see the negative mental impact our clients were feeling.

What we discovered was that the families were searching for solutions, feeling vulnerable and guilty. Many asked, “should I take my mom or dad home?” sometimes ignoring that they did not have the adequate space at home, training, or the capacity in their schedules to dedicate the time and attention to their loved ones needed to thrive. When I started the business with In home personal services, I noticed that most of my clients’ families lived out of state, which led to heightened levels of poor mental health due to a sense of helplessness the families felt. After speaking with the families to identify their needs and provide education and reassurance in our services, they could feel a sense of trust in our caregivers as if they were an extension of their family.

Knowing that our caregivers were well-trained, professional caregivers gave them a sense of ease. The caregivers were by their side, giving only their full attention to their clients and allowing the pandemic to be bearable. They attended to their needs and wants but still allowed them to maintain their independent lifestyle.

Overall, there are not many words to describe the peace of mind when it comes to the ones we love, and we do not often realize in our busy lives how our mental health can be affected for someone we love is not getting the care or attention they need. We are so proud to be offering this type of service to improve the quality of life for our clients as well as the mental health of their families.

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