Misinformation and Application of Scientific Knowledge: Two Biggest Concerns in Healthcare, According to the FDA Commissioner


FDA Commissioner Robert Califf, MD, stated that combating misinformation and successfully implementing changes are two areas in which the United States is currently falling short during the opening session of American Heart Association 2022 Scientific Sessions.

According to Califf, although biomedical science and technology are going through an incredible period of discovery and advancement, the benefits are not translating into better health outcomes for the US population. Importantly, Califf noted that the medical system is failing miserably during the implementation stage.

In Califf’s opinion, we are currently failing at implementation. Of course, this is just his opinion. “We’d better do better for our people because we’re not in the first place, and we’re losing ground.”

According to Califf, the United States has worse outcomes despite spending a lot more money on healthcare than other developed nations. For instance, the United States’ life expectancy at birth is close to 5 years lower than that of other high-income nations. Califf also noted that this year, China outlived the United States in terms of life expectancy.

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