Nevien Elwahsh

Committed to Care: Leading the Way in Patient-Centered Healthcare

Hayat medical center | Nevien Elwahsh | Dentist
Hayat medical center | Nevien Elwahsh | Dentist

As a healthcare professional, patient care is always at the forefront of a leader’s mind. And this is the reason for the healthcare industry to exist. A leader’s care toward patients not only ensures better treatment but also leads to better patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Nevien Elwahsh is one such leader who cares about these objectives to her operational core. She is a dedicated Dentist and healthcare professional who has made it her mission to provide accessible and affordable medical services to underserved communities.

Nevien is currently working as a dentist at Hayat Medical Center, where she offers a range of dental services to her private patients. However, she has always been driven by a desire to do more for the broader healthcare sector, particularly for those who cannot afford private medical care.

To this end, Nevien has been actively involved in volunteer work, providing free medical services to underprivileged communities in Egypt. She frequently leads her dental team to villages and poor areas, where they offer medical services to those who may not have access to healthcare facilities. To make these services more accessible, Nevien and her team travel with movable clinical units, equipped with all the necessary medical equipment.

Nevien’s dedication and compassion have earned her recognition in the healthcare community in Egypt. Her contributions to improving healthcare access in underserved areas have not gone unnoticed, and she has become a role model for aspiring healthcare professionals.

In addition to her volunteer work, Nevien is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field of dentistry. She regularly attends seminars and workshops to enhance her skills and knowledge, ensuring that her patients receive the best possible care.

Let’s dive in to peek into Nevien Elwahsh’s inspiring journey in providing accessible healthcare services to underserved communities that have earned her a spot in the prestigious magazine edition, “Egypt’s 10 Best Women in Healthcare for 2023.”

Dr. Neivien in Brief

Dr. Neivien is an oral & dental surgeon, having attained a DBS Bachelor’s degree from the Ain Shams University of Egypt and a Master’s degree in dentistry in Implantology from New York University. She has also attained a fellowship at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh-London, UK. Other degrees involve a diploma in women’s health, international women’s health and Human rights from Stanford University, California, USA and a Master’s degree in Nutrition from European Nile University ENU.

She started her career in the healthcare sector right after her graduation in 2003. She began working in governmental clinics where she had direct exposure to a large number of patients & multiple cases. After that, Neivien moved to a big hospital in Midtown area-Shoubra the good shepherd hospital. It is a large hospital, and there were a lot of patient cases which gave her a very good chance to deal with different people. This was a very important step to earn success in work which came from clever patient management & clinical management, choosing the best treatment for the patient that is suitable for his medical history and his financial budget.

After that, Neivien shifted to private work and worked in Hayat Dental Hospital for all dentistry brunches such as Operative, Crown and Bridge Prosthesis, Implants, Esthetic dentistry and also, the hospital has large operating rooms so, Neivien and the team could perform oral surgery & under general anesthesia. “Also, we have ICU units and I learned how to deal with critical & emergency management of patients related to bleeding from the gingival or dental origin,” adds Neivien. “I am very successful in Esthetic dentistry as I do ceramic restorations & veneers & whitening using the zoom technique & oral hygiene for the patient through scaling and polishing every six months. I also cooperate with my colleagues in large surgical operations.”

Volunteering Medical Work for the Under Privileged

While Nevien did all the dental services for the private patient, she cared more about the healthcare sector. She wants healthcare facilities to be available to the whole society, especially for patients who can’t afford private treatment. Thus, she offers volunteer medical services. She would go with her dental team to the villages and poor areas with the doctors and movable clinical units (a large movable clinic inside a big car).

The unit has three clinics: Dental Clinic, Internal Medicine Clinic & Gastroenterology and Ophthalmology. “We go for free clinical examination and treatment, giving the medications for free too for patients who cannot afford the expenses of the examination and treatment,” says Neivien. “There are some challenges that we face in the volunteer work as these medical services are given for free. But we are trying to increase our fundraising by expressing my volunteer work for the doctors & private enterprises so they can be sponsors for the volunteer medical work.”

Leveraging Technological Developments

Neivien is currently working in the healthcare sector and her target is to improve the healthcare sector by increasing the high quality of patient care with newer technological developments especially when it comes to catering to their dynamics and medical needs. This is true for patients especially if they can afford the expenses of new technology in the restorations & implants dental, or when they need bone augmentation and surgical interference. “The new technology has truly made dental work much easier for doctors as well as the patients. But on the contrary, there is a financial side that the dentist must look for and to do a suitable treatment plan that is within the patients’ budget,” emphasizes Neivien.

She continues, “Technology increases the bond between the doctors and patients. Our doctors depend on highly technical software which has all the clinical & patient data related to the patient’s medical, dental history, treatment plan, medication and prescription. We also can print the prescriptions or send them to the patient by e-mail. Social media is also very effective as a marketing tool for new offers on the clinic related to Christmas or vacations tone offers related to special discounts on offers.”

Neivien also has a dental team who would post dental and medical articles on social media which the patient can read and benefit from the need for dental information. Moreover, there is a medical survey related to the patient’s opinion of the dental service & the treatment he or she got from the clinic. “This is a very good way to improve our medical service,” she adds.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities for Growth

Reflecting upon the challenges that Neivien faces in her day-to-day operations, she says, “I face a challenge when interacting with patients who have a basic education in sticking to the treatment plan and taking medicines on time. I conduct lectures for the people in villages in promoting medical health awareness and teaching them healthy habits that can be simple but increase human health.”

She adds, “These lectures were very successful as they have a great effect on people to change their attitude towards improving their health. Despite it being a challenge for me to work in villages, it gave me a chance to make a great difference in improving the healthcare sector.”

Words of Wisdom

To the budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who desire to venture into the healthcare sector,  Neivien advises, “Your priority should be a successful patient magnet and to put the proper treatment plan that is suitable for patients so that they can get their examination, treatment and medicines on their budget.

Scaling 2023 and Beyond

Neivien envisions scaling her services and operations for 2023 by increasing the technical devices at her private clinic and expanding the medical staff so that she could offer a wide range of medical treatment for her patients as well as for volunteer work.

“I want to go everywhere where there is a need for doctor, examination and treatment to improve the health care sector & services,” says Neivien.

Attaining Patients’ Trust

“I get many messages from ladies who benefit from the volunteer work that me and my team does. They are extremely happy that doctors come to treat them. These testimonies from people make me feel all the success in spreading the medical health awareness & improving the medical health care sector all around Egypt,” concludes Neivien.