New Study Shows Memory Neurons in SuperAgers are Larger than Average Humans

memory neuron

The new study by Northwestern Medicine published on 30th Sept shows that memory neurons are significantly larger in SuperAgers as compared to the average person. These neurons are present in the entorhinal cortex of the brain that is responsible for memory. The absence of tau tangles, a significant sign of Alzheimer’s, in these neurons plays an important part in the memory power of SuperAgers.

The lead author of the study Tamar Gefen puts forth that these large cells are present from birth and are structurally maintained throughout one’s life. She further said, “We conclude that larger neurons are a biological signature of the SuperAging trajectory.”

The study in the field was first initiated to demonstrate that the SuperAgers with exceptional memory carry a unique biological signature comprising of large and healthy neurons void of tau tangles.

Though these new findings have shed some light in the field, there are a few questions that remain unanswered and solutions to which lies in the future that researchers are looking forward to.

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