Osler Collaborates with  Intellijoint Surgical to Introduce Cutting-edge technology to Benefit Patients

Image used for information purpose only. Picture Credit: https://www.williamoslerhs.ca

In order to introduce the cutting-edge, made-in-Ontario Intellijoint HIPTM technology—which is utilized in complete hip replacement surgery—to its community, William Osler Health System (Osler) has teamed up with Intellijoint Surgical. This translates into better results and fewer difficulties for individuals needing hip replacement surgery.

With the aid of Intellijoint HIPTM, a computer-assisted navigation system under surgeon control, surgeons may precisely, quickly, and easily align and place their instruments by using real-time quantitative measurements. It has been clinically demonstrated that using technology to increase precision can lessen post-operative revision procedures, hip dislocations, and differences in leg length. By removing the requirement for intraoperative x-rays to pinpoint the perfect implant location, it also increases hospital efficiency by cutting down on surgical times and making the most use of available resources.

“By working together with Intellijoint Surgical, we are able to improve hospital system efficiency and provide our surgical patients with access to cutting-edge technology.” stated Jane de Lacy, the William Osler Health System’s vice president of clinical services. “Osler continues to fulfill its mission to bring innovative, compassionate health care to our communities by utilizing the most recent technological and innovative advancements.”

“We at William Osler Health System are excited to incorporate Intellijoint HIPTM into our surgical practice for total hip arthroplasty,” stated Dr. Roberta Minna, Chief of Surgery and Co-Medical Director, Surgical Services.

“Our surgeons are able to be as accurate and efficient as possible with Intellijoint HIP, which improves patient and hospital outcomes by utilizing technology in conjunction with the expertise of the Osler team.”

With just one instrument tray, a tiny camera, and software stored on a laptop, Intellijoint HIPTM is an affordable and easy-to-use device that enhances total hip replacement. It may be utilized with any major implant, fits neatly into the surgeon’s preferred surgical workflow, and doesn’t take longer to sterilize or change out of a room.

Armen Bakirtzian, CEO of Intellijoint Surgical, stated, “As a local Ontario business, we are proud to be able to work with local hospital systems like Osler that view innovation as a key enabler of better patient and hospital outcomes.” “Partnerships like these are necessary to equip surgeons, care teams, and hospitals with technology to achieve efficiencies and optimal results for patients, without adding major expenses, especially as the province is seeking for solutions to reduce surgical backlogs.”

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