Philips high acuity patient monitors now have brand-new, cutting-edge monitoring capabilities thanks to a partnership with Masimo


Philips, a global leader in health technology, and Masimo, a global medical technology company, have received FDA clearance for the activation of SedLine Brain Function Monitoring, Regional Oximetry (O3), and CO₂ measurements in Philips Patient Monitors – IntelliVue MX750 and MX850. This collaboration between the two companies aims to provide clinicians with quick and informed decision-making capabilities without the need for additional monitoring equipment.

By integrating the advanced Masimo measurements of SedLine, O3, and CO₂ into Philips high acuity IntelliVue MX series multi-parameter monitors, clinicians can assess and monitor cerebral oxygenation (blood saturation in the brain), anesthetic sedation, and patient respiratory performance from the same monitor. The data can also be shared between monitors, offering a more holistic view of the patient and enabling care providers to make timely and decisive interventions. This integration helps lower the cost of care while providing comprehensive patient information through a single system.

The collaboration between Philips and Masimo aims to revolutionize continuous monitoring by combining their expertise in noninvasive monitoring, signal processing technologies, and integrated patient monitoring and therapy solutions. This partnership benefits both patients and clinicians by improving patient outcomes and reducing the cost of care.

Since their partnership began in 2016, Philips and Masimo have introduced various advanced monitoring capabilities to select IntelliVue MX-series multi-parameter monitors. The recent FDA clearance expands the capabilities of Philips’ MX750 and MX850 monitors to include O3 regional oximetry, SedLine Brain Function Monitoring, and CO₂ measurements. These additions enhance Philips’ portfolio of patient monitoring solutions, supporting clinical workflow, caregiver efficiencies, and improved patient care.

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