Renova Hospitals: Making Healthcare Accessible and Affordable to All

Renova Hospitals
Renova Hospitals

Access to health care is a right of each individual. When patients have access to care, not only do they feel empowered, but they are also able to establish a meaningful relationship with the providers. The good news is, in developing countries like India—the healthcare facilities are fast equipping with the concept of accessibility to care, especially when it comes to the major cities, which are central to public resources. However, with growing cities and people residing in peripherals, accessibility is a growing issue and people need to have good facilities in city peripherals to get quality care.

Addressing this accessibility gap, Renova Hospitals, an emerging multi-speciality brand in Hyderabad, India, established 4 centres in Hyderabad with the aim of making quality healthcare services easily accessible and open to every member of society. Through its high-quality care and advanced technology, Renova enables access to care for everyone, regardless of their financial situation. Further, Renova through its Oncology Brand RENOVA ONCOLOGY aims at providing comprehensive Oncology Care and has successfully started 2 Oncology Centres, one at Hyderabad and one at Jaipur, Rajasthan. Overall Renova today operates 6 centers with larger focus on Emergency Care, Trauma, Oncology, Gastro & Liver diseases and also covering various other departments.

Under the able leadership of Dr. Sridhar Peddireddy, Managing Director & CEO, qualified doctors, nurses and staff equipped with state-of-art facilities, fair & affordable pricing and medical expertise in advanced procedures, Renova is emerging as a Household Brand for their Healthcare needs.

Mission, Vision and Values

The mission of Renova Hospitals is to deliver high-quality and exceptional service to the people we serve with advanced Medicine and Compassionate care. Its vision is to be the trusted choice of hospitals delivering high-quality care and providing the best patient experience.

Renova Hospitals’ values are as follows:

Advancement – Setting ambitious goals, Improvising healthcare and our communities forward to digitalization in making better decisions.

Inclusiveness – Working collaboratively.

Respect & Responsibility – Action towards patients, be honest and responsible.

Excellence: Make it Happen – Experience team, advanced technology and best practices to provide the best care to patients. Our team strives for continuous improvements, excellence, professionalism and innovations at their work.

Integrity: Do the Right Thing – Act ethically and be accountable for all our acts.

Renova Growth Plans

Renova aims to be a Pan India Trusted Oncology Brand over a period of next 4 years. The Group currently has 2 more Oncology Centres under execution and is discussion with several like minded entrepreneurs for setting up centres across the Country.

The Promoter and His Journey

Journey So Far

As a student, Dr. Sridhar’s life aspiration was to become a doctor which he couldn’t achieve. The aspiration encouraged him to do a Masters in Hospital Management so that he could work in healthcare and live his passion. Dr. Sridhar always believed that healthcare is the only sector that gives respect and the opportunity to serve people along with making decent earnings. Therefore, his aspiration to become a doctor has laid the foundation for his successful career in healthcare.

His high point in his career came when he played a key role in starting Omega Hospitals in the year 2010. Under his administration, Omega Hospitals grew to be the second-largest oncology brand in India in just 8 years of span. His earlier experience of working with a large Trust based Hospital along with group of Oncologists from 2002 to 2010 enabled him to push certain Doctors to start independent operations which resulted in start of Omega Hospitals. In a span of 8 years (2010 to 2018), Mr. Sridhar expanded Omega operations locally in Hyderabad (from 100 beds to 247 beds) and beyond Hyderabad with centres in several district headquarters of Telugu States.

In 2018, Mr. Sridhar decided to be an entrepreneur and envisaged to start his own healthcare chain with support of like-minded Doctors and other professionals. Ensuring a smooth transition and not indulging in competitive practices, Multi-Specialty arm of Renova was started in 2018 and later post post-transition and departing from Omega, Oncology practice was started in 2021.

Leading from the Front

Mr. Sridhar quotes “As a leader, I believe in leading from the front; I like to be strong and stand firmly in all situations. I don’t like to be decisive and prefer to express my views and thoughts clearly. I like to be friendly and, at the same time, tough in dealing with my team; friendly so that I can motivate the team and get the best out of them, tough when the team doesn’t give the desired output despite giving them the best possible atmosphere to deliver.”

He continues, “The uniqueness about my leadership style is that I am very tough as a leader when it comes to work, but still, I manage to create a bond among my team in such a way that they stay with me for many years. My core team has been with me for the last 18 years despite going through very aggressive deadlines under my leadership.”

With his approach of being a Tough Master and always having an ear to hear to his Team, Mr. Sridhar has been instrumental in developing a strong team enabling to manage operations at multiple centres.

“Without a willing, energetic and knowledgeable team, there is little one can do to grow the organization. The deep involvement of my subordinates will only make it a personal achievement for each of them and for the organization. Hence, we work as a team, divide and delegate the responsibilities where each of us has a part in building along with a piece of our hearts,” says Dr. Sridhar.

Dr. Sridhar also ensures that his Vision is clearly communicated to his Senior Management Team and then to all Employees which provides the Employees the assurance of being with a Strong and growing Brand which assures them of their personal growth. This also results in successful implementation of new centres. Dr. Sridhar quotes – “My Team and I work hand in hand, take joint ownership and make our projects successful.”

Esprit de corps: Bringing Fairness and Equality to All

Esprit de corps, otherwise known as morale, plays a major role in building a person, a team or an organization. Dr. Sridhar adds, “In my case, I focus on building up a good rapport with my core team members by encouraging pushing for the extra mile yet providing them with the comfort, resources and mind space required to reach that extra mile. This resulted in a successful execution of several projects.”

“I believe the act of kindness, loyalty or concern is contagious. My attitude with the core team will reflect on their behavior with their teams and so on and so forth. Hence, I make sure the spirits are up and the team members are well equipped—not just materially, but also mentally.”

The Need for an Empowered Society

Dr. Sridhar believes that empowerment can be categorized into three levels. At the societal level, empowerment is a macro process, at the organizational level it is a micro process; and at the individual level it is a personal process. Individual change feeds into organizational change which feeds into societal change. Societal change influences organizations and individuals; organizational change, in turn, influences individuals and society. Each factor is linked with another, one leading to the other. “I believe, if I am constantly engaged in the process of empowering myself and the people working with me, it will lead to empowering my organization and being in Healthcare, which is a key industry for Society, we can contribute to Societal empowerment creating health awareness, employment opportunities etc.,” he adds.

Dr. Sridhar’s Strong Leadership Behind the Hospital’s Success

Giving Back to the Society

Apart from contributing to empowering the Society through his Healthcare Centres, Dr. Sridhar established a foundation – Sri Dharni Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Hyderabad, Telangana. His aim is to take care of underprivileged people by providing their basic needs. “I am very much fond of human relations and very much supportive of serving people from rural areas with basic amenities. For past 7 years, there are multiple activities supported by me individually, like constructing a school in a rural village in Andhra Pradesh, planting 1000+ trees in Medchal, serving food to homeless, providing books to rural kids, etc.,” highlights Dr. Sridhar.

Now with this Foundation, Dr. Sridhar wanted to spread his activities under one roof. He wants to uplift his trust to do more service to people who need a helping hand to uplift their life. All this work are being done as part of corporate social responsibility. “As a founder of RENOVA hospitals, this has been on our mission list to serve and save the needy,” says Dr. Sridhar.

Defining Success

“To me, success is meeting the needs of the basic healthcare facilities to all Strate, I will be successful when I’ll do it in a low-cost model and make healthcare reachable to every corner. I have translated my goals to the company’s Mission and Vision for Renova Hospitals and SriDharani Foundation,” emphasizes Dr. Sridhar.