Researchers’ mission to Enhance Australia’s Health Gets a Boost with $10.6 million in MRFF Funding


The University of Newcastle has secured over $10.6 million in funding from the Australian government’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to address critical health issues. This funding, provided through the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), is intended to revolutionize health and medical research and innovation for the betterment of society, economic growth, and the sustainability of the healthcare system. Researchers at the University of Newcastle will focus on initiatives such as promoting chronic disease prevention in schools, investigating the impact of social factors on the mental health of youth, and devising strategies to address severe asthma, particularly in pregnant women.

Professor Zee Upton, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation), expressed admiration for the University of Newcastle researchers who obtained seven out of the 110 MRFF grants distributed across Australia. This accomplishment underscores the region’s robust research capabilities. Professor Upton commended the lead researchers and their teams for their commitment to pioneering health and medical research endeavors in areas such as respiratory disease, mental health, and chronic disease prevention. She emphasized the potential life-changing impact of their work, which aims to address medical challenges that significantly impact people’s daily lives.

Mark Butler, the Minister for Health and Aged Care, expressed satisfaction in announcing nearly $230 million in MRFF funding aimed at supporting Australian researchers in addressing various health and medical challenges. He highlighted the importance of assisting emerging researchers in honing their skills and advancing their careers within Australia. Additionally, Butler emphasized that the funding would facilitate the expedited development and introduction of promising new treatments, offering renewed hope to patients across the country.

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