Researchers recommend limiting sugary drinks to one per week

sugary drinks

Following a recent study that found a link between high sugar consumption and a wide range of health conditions, researchers have advised individuals to limit their consumption of sugary beverages to one per week. According to the authors, a person’s risk of several diseases can increase with the number of sugary drinks consumed weekly.

They stated that “generally more harmful than beneficial for health” is excessive sugar consumption. After the study found a connection between the two, the authors also called for additional research into the connection between cancer and high sugar consumption.

Analysis of the Findings

Academics in the United States and China conducted an “Umbrella Review” of health effects of sugar and its consumption. They examined data from 73 meta-analyses involving 8,601 studies and evidence from multiple existing evidence reviews. The evidence reviews published in the BMJ suggested that 45 health outcomes were linked to consuming more sugar.

Diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, asthma, tooth decay, depression, and some cancers, including breast, prostate, and pancreatic cancer, were all found to have “significant harmful associations” with dietary sugar consumption.

“There is insufficient evidence to suggest a link between sugar consumption in the diet and cancer, but additional research is required.”

“We recommend consuming less than 25 grams of free sugars or added sugars per day, or about six teaspoons per day, and consuming fewer than 200-355 milliliters of sugar-sweetened beverages per week.”

“A combination of widespread public health education and policies worldwide is urgently required to change sugar consumption patterns, particularly among children and adolescents.”

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