Sanofi Inaugurates its First Digital Accelerator Powered by Innovative Talent

A French multinational healthcare company, Sanofi, has launched its first Digital Accelerator to encourage its aim to become a top digital healthcare company. This accelerator will build products and solutions that will assist Sanofi’s mission to transform the practice of medicine with the use of digital, data and artificial intelligence (AI).

The main focus of Digital Accelerator is on addressing unmet needs in patients suffering from atopic dermatitis in France, Italy, and Spain. Their team is expanding an integrated platform and data solution to well engage with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and improve their awareness as well as their patients’ awareness of the disease and the accessible treatment options.

In the next two years, the Digital Accelerator will reach 300 people at locations that will best assist its global digital strategy, entice new talent, and further combine active ways of working into the company’s culture.

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