TaylorCare Recruitment: Specialist Recruitment Agency Driven by Social Impact

TaylorCare Recruitment
Kate Taylor | Founder & Managing Director | TaylorCare Recruitment

TaylorCare Recruitment stands proudly as Australia’s multi-award-winning specialist recruitment agency. They have forged strong partnerships with Not for Profits, NDIS Providers, and Healthcare Government Services Australia wide, catering to their unique recruitment needs.

Established in March 2013, TaylorCare Recruitment is a business venture founded by Kate Taylor. From its head office in the heart of Sydney CBD, the company has seamlessly integrated a corporate social responsibility approach into its core business model. Recognizing the demand for exceptional recruitment services within the government, non-government, and private care sectors throughout Australia, TaylorCare was created to bridge this crucial gap.

With a focus on specialized roles in Social Work, Counselling & Psychology, Nursing & Allied Health, extending to executive management positions too, the recruitment agency is committed to making a meaningful impact through their work. The team at TaylorCare is driven by their passion for the sector, knowing that every position they fill contributes to enhancing care and support within communities.

Making a Difference through Purposeful Recruitment

With a core focus on the Healthcare & Community Services Sector, TaylorCare Recruitment aims to make a profound impact by matching individuals with their dream jobs and empowering employers with the right teams aligned with their organization’s culture, values, and mission. This alignment ensures effective support for vulnerable communities, fostering positive change.

Beyond financial gains, TaylorCare Recruitment is driven by a higher purpose – to increase its impact on the world. They are committed to using their business as a force for good, actively giving back to the communities they serve and the industries they operate in. They contribute a portion of their profits to charitable causes; they seek to make a tangible difference and inspire collective efforts for positive change.

The agency is passionate about supporting vital causes, including human trafficking, mental health, and humanitarian charities, recognizing the pressing need to address these issues both in Australia and globally. They firmly believe that while no single entity can solve all the world’s challenges, every contribution, no matter how small, can make a difference.

TaylorCare Recruitment’s dedication to corporate social responsibility goes beyond its recruitment endeavours. They actively promote the ethos of giving back to the community and encourage others within the recruitment industry, local businesses, clients, and candidates to embrace this vision and join them on their mission to create a better world.

The Managing Director, Kate, embodies the agency’s values and passion. Her unwavering commitment to helping disadvantaged communities drives her to utilize TaylorCare Recruitment as a business platform for positive change, bringing joy and fulfillment to her and her team.

As the winner of Specialist Recruitment Company of the Year in 2020 and beyond, TaylorCare Recruitment is more devoted than ever to its vision. They are eager to lead the way as the specialist recruitment agency in the Health and Community Services Sector, making a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities they serve.

Caring Beyond Recruitment

TaylorCare’s core mission is to infuse care into the recruitment process, embodying the belief that caring for others leads to mutual care and success. Their purpose revolves around connecting job seekers and employers in the Community Services sector to make a positive impact on vulnerable communities, helping them thrive.

The legacy they aim to leave is one where their business’s income directly translates to an increase in the impact they create in the world. This purpose-driven approach guides their actions, focusing on values such as their CARE factor, giving back to the community, a personalized approach to recruitment, prioritizing people, and fostering genuine connections.

As the Founder and Owner of TaylorCare, Kate’s management style reflects empathy, compassion, initiative, and open collaborative thinking. She leads as a pathfinder, seeking creative solutions to challenges and success pathways through teamwork and collaboration, recruiting individuals who share the values of collaboration and teamwork. Kate fosters a culture of finding innovative solutions and rewarding staff generously for their results and engagement in the leadership process.

Kate’s energy, drive, passion, innovation, and determination to overcome adversities serve as inspirations for her staff, who admire her unwavering commitment to success. During challenging times, such as the pandemic, Kate’s collaborative approach with her team enabled them to develop innovative income streams, transforming the business from surviving to thriving.

The agency invests in training trainee recruiters through a comprehensive program that lays a strong foundation for their recruitment careers. Additionally, new staff members receive intensive induction, where Kate personally guides them through a comprehensive manual, ensuring everyone follows the same high standards in the business. Ongoing professional development is also provided for experienced staff, with access to programs like the RCSA Pearl Program, and Kate herself serves as both a mentee and mentor, continuously learning and supporting others in their growth.

Through their dedication to care, innovation, and empowering their team, TaylorCare Recruitment remains a leading force in the industry, creating a positive impact on individuals, communities, and the world.

Inspirational Journey in Mental Health Advocacy and Recruitment Excellence

Kate Taylor’s recruitment journey began in Education Recruitment in London in 2007, where she gained valuable experience in the industry. Upon returning to Australia in 2010, she joined a Healthcare Agency, specializing in recruiting social workers, counsellors, and psychologists in outback regions of Australia. Kate’s exceptional performance as the highest biller for two consecutive years, billing over $1 million for the company, fuelled her inspiration to establish her own business – TaylorCare Recruitment.

Since its inception, TaylorCare Recruitment has achieved significant milestones under Kate’s leadership. The company successfully launched Community Services and Allied Health divisions, and during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, they expanded their services to include Telehealth Counselling for clients in lockdown and provided support to COVID hotels in Melbourne by supplying social workers to help the homeless. The growing success of the business led to a move to a larger office in North Sydney to accommodate the expanding team and more recently a global remote team too, currently comprising Six members. The agency continues to achieve greater profits each month and plans to further expand with more staff in 2024, having already placed hundreds of candidates across Australia for their clients.

Kate’s passion for mental health advocacy is evident through her role as a RUOK? community Ambassador for over 6 years. Her experience with complex mental health as a teenager makes her relatable to youth and parents who find inspiration in her story. Kate has shared her experiences with mental health at various organizations, including major corporations, universities, and numerous Not for Profits throughout Australia.

Kate and TaylorCare Recruitment have received prestigious awards and recognition in the industry. These include the Kate Taylor- RCSA Rising Star Award in 2018, the RCSA Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Award in 2018, and being named TIARA Specialist Recruitment Agency of the Year in 2020 by the Recruitment International Awards. She has also been recognized as a finalist for various accolades, such as the last two years RCSA PEARL Emerging Leader Award, Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards, and the RCSA Recruitment Industry Innovator of the Year Award to name a few.

In addition to these accolades, Kate’s influence extends beyond the recruitment industry. She has been acknowledged by CIO Views as one of the “Top 10 most influential people in staffing and recruiting 2022” and listed among “The Most Influential HR Executives to Watch in 2023.”

Through her dedication to mental health advocacy and outstanding achievements in the recruitment industry, Kate continues to inspire others and make a meaningful impact on the community and businesses she serves.

Focusing on person-centered approach and Profit for Purpose business

TaylorCare Recruitment stands out from other agencies by offering a unique and holistic service that prioritizes well-being, ethical practices, and professionalism. Unlike many agencies that emphasize revenue targets and KPIs, TaylorCare focuses on a people-centered approach, catering to the needs of both employers and candidates. Their commitment to social justice and corporate social responsibility is at the core of their business model, creating a positive impact on clients and candidates alike.

By ensuring a deep understanding of the aspirations and objectives of both employers and candidates, TaylorCare Recruitment strives to place people into jobs that that align with their career and business goals. The agency’s dedicated recruitment staff work closely with clients and candidates, forging strong connections and facilitating ideal matches.

One of the key factors that draw current staff to TaylorCare is the agency’s embedded corporate social responsibility focus. Employees feel a sense of purpose and pride in contributing to a business that actively works to make a difference in the community and support charitable causes. This provides a noticeable distinction in the recruitment industry and unites TaylorCare staff with a common cause.

Evolution as an Innovative HR & Recruitment Leader

Kate is very hands-on in the day-to-day running of her business; she spends her time working with her team to service their clients nationally.

Kate oversees the overall marketing and branding of the business, management of staff and heads up Business Development and launching new services and programs too.

Kate’s innovative approach as a professional in the HR & Recruitment industry and as a business owner has evolved since starting TaylorCare Recruitment in 2013 at 28 years old. Kate has faced many challenges while expanding her business but is never afraid of a challenge. Over the last 10 years of business, we have gone from a one-person home office start-up business to an office in the Sydney CBD and now to a larger office in North Sydney with 6 staff members.

“I believe I have approached each challenge with the posture of positive problem solving and relying on the concept that knowledge and experience together form wisdom. My aim in the workplace and for my clients is marked by passion, initiative, and open collaborative thinking. This is outworked through the consultative approach that I have in dealing with staff, clients, and candidates,”– says Kate.

A Profit for Purpose approach to Business

Kate has implemented distinctive practices that set her agency apart in the industry. From the beginning, she prioritized an RUOK workplace culture, actively engaging with her staff in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Kate’s goal of building a successful business seamlessly integrates her passion for helping charities and giving back to the industries they recruit for, creating a unique identity for TaylorCare and uniting the staff under a common cause.

Kate also donates a percentage of their profits annually and hosts events to promote the supported charities. Additionally, they commit to contributing up to $500 from every placement to their chosen charities. Over time, TaylorCare has raised and donated over $40,000, actively promoting awareness and making a lasting difference.

Social Impact Amidst Challenging Times

TaylorCare Recruitment is widely recognized for its innovative services and forward-thinking approach to business, even amidst challenging times like the pandemic. One of their key offerings is the VIP Recruitment Packages, a sustainable business model introduced in 2018 after Kate’s prestigious RCSA Rising Star award. This unique approach provides the agency with a regular cash flow by offering NGOs the option to purchase job bundles, which can be redeemed for future recruitment placement invoices over a specified period.

When the pandemic struck in 2020, Kate’s resilience and determination was put to the test. She offered training to jobseekers to help them during challenging times, and large Corporate requested her to set up a Telehealth Counselling Service for their employees in lockdown in Victoria. Within 2 weeks, Kate and her team successfully launched the service, sourcing the best counsellors and psychologists through their strong industry networks and social media presence. The service proved highly successful, generating $120,000 in profit over 14 weeks. This experience led to the inception of TaylorCare Telehealth, which launched in throughout 2021, extending the service to recruitment agencies and their on-hire employees.

With a strong focus on social media, TaylorCare has built a robust online presence on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Their engaging posts attract a significant following and help attract new audiences. Additionally, their Facebook Group, catering to Social Workers, Counsellors, and Psychologists (SWCP Community), has become a thriving community with over 7,000 thousand active members. Through this group, TaylorCare boosts its business and brand recognition and provides valuable services to the industry, strengthening its market audience’s loyalty and generating successful business leads.

Advice for Entrepreneurs and HR Professionals

Kate’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and HR professionals is simple yet powerful: dream big, and don’t set limits on what you want to achieve. It’s essential to have ambitious goals and then take swift action to turn those goals and dreams into reality. By being proactive and taking quick steps towards implementation don’t overthink it, you will be amazed by the results you will see.

Kate encourages embracing failure as part of the journey to success. Instead of fearing failure, view it as an opportunity to SLOW down and GROW before tackling your next big idea and vision for the future.

Look at small micro habits you can implement into your life. Even 90-second chunks can reset your nervous system. Ask yourself “What would it take for me to do the best work of my life?” “What is getting in the way?” “Are you too busy to be the best version of yourself in life and business?” Having regular reviews and asking yourself these questions can help you reset and refocus your energy for the next week, month, or quarter.

As a business owner, it’s like a marathon race not a sprint so creating a sustainable life is key. Recently I am always looking at ways I can slow down to not crowd out my creative and innovative ideas and vision. I attend professional development training when I can and seek support from other business owners and coaches too. Making small steps relentlessly is the key to success and most importantly NEVER GIVE UP!