Teampac Oy: Leveraging Contract Manufacturing for Medical Devices

Teampac Oy | Jyri Temonen | CEO
Teampac Oy | Jyri Temonen | CEO

The power of technology is at its peak, with dynamic systems at the helm of every industry. In this race, contract manufacturing has emerged as a powerful strategy for companies to accelerate their development processes. Today contract manufacturers play a crucial role in packaging medical products and healthcare.

Embracing the power of contract manufacturing, Teampac Oy empowers healthcare, cosmetics, and hygiene businesses to drive innovation, optimize production processes, and efficiently bring high-quality products to market. The team at Teampac ensures that products meet industry guidelines and undergo all rigorous quality control checks.

We at Healthcare Everything admire Teampac and how it meets consumers’ evolving needs worldwide. Thus, we interviewed Jyri Temonen, the company’s CEO, to know what motivated them to begin the company with challenges and achievements.

Here are the highlights of the interview:

Can you tell us about the history and mission of your company?

Teampac Oy is a more than 50 years old company. Teampac is a Finnish healthcare contract manufacturer operating in international markets; over 70% of production is exported directly to 19 countries and we can say that products produced by Teampac are used on all continents as our global customers distribute products through their distribution channels. Our mission is to be the leading HC contract manufacturer in North Europe. The goal is tough, but at the same time, we know we are heading in the right direction.

How did you get started in the healthcare packaging industry?

I have a long history in the hygiene and healthcare sector in different sales and management roles. I have been working mainly in Finland but ran some projects in Sweden, Russia and Baltic countries. I have worked in management positions in last over 20 years. When I was offered to join Teampac, a family-owned innovative growth company, I took the challenge and have enjoyed working with a very committed and motivated organization.

What types of healthcare products does the company typically package? What kinds of services does the company offer?

We manufacture a wide range of products for healthcare needs. E.g., disinfectants, surface cleaning, and skin cleaning starting from patient wipes, adhesive remover, stoma, and wound cleaning products. We manufacture wet wipes, both single-packed and multipack (flow packs). We also do a scale of liquids and emulsions to tubes and bottles, like lotions, intimate gels, ultrasound gels etc.

How does the company ensure the safety and sterility of packaging materials?

We are following very strict procedures in our production. Teampac is a very quality-orientated company. We have ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 22716 certifications. In 2023, we also got ISO 14001. Our production facilities are heavily controlled, we control air humidity, have hepa filtered air in production areas and certain machines are separated if higher safety and sterility are needed. We also control daily water used in production and filtered fresh water.

Can you walk us through the company’s production process, from initial design to final delivery?

Teampac can handle the production process from the idea to the finished product- whether it is a completely new product or an update of an existing product. The production of existing products can also be transferred to us and we can handle the process of moving production with the customer and do all needed documentation and validations if needed.

How does the company stay up-to-date on the latest industry regulations and standards?

Our regulatory people continuously discuss with our network, customers and authority people and do continuous follow-ups to keep us on the front line in this sector.

Can you speak of any recent innovations or developments in your company’s packaging materials or technology?

There is a big demand for more environmentally friendly packaging concepts in the market, like mono laminates, recyclable materials etc. Teampac is on the front line with our suppliers to help customers find those from the market. We are on our way to more environmentally friendly materials, but we can´t say that journey is done yet; much to do in that sector.

How does your company differentiate itself from other healthcare packaging companies in the market?

Teampac is not the only packing company. We do have our own R&D organization which can help customers in developing the process from idea to ready product. Teampac can also be the legal manufacturer if the customer wants help. Our production is very scalable, so we can produce from low volume to high volumes based on the customer needs.

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the healthcare packaging industry today?

In the future, regulation in the healthcare sector is getting heavier, and demands also increase, and pressure for environmental issues is getting higher; for example, Teampac has invested in solar power and ground heating systems to lower our emissions, which impacts all of us.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who desire to venture into the industry?

The HC area is an interesting sector where customer relationships are normally long, but the threshold to enter the sector is very difficult due to large initial investments in technology and expert organization. It´s also good to keep in mind that product development is long-term and time-consuming.

Please share any client testimonial or award that highlights your company’s position in the market.

We do not share our customer names publicly but as said before we do co-operate with several global healthcare companies. Our latest NPS survey gave us very good results the NPS was 82, which is probably the best testimonial we can get, thanks to our organization and customers.