The Advantages of Telehealth and its Future

Have you ever wondered how the technology has influenced our lives? Maybe not.

Because we are in a fast-changing world where the technology is an integral part of our daily life. So, it may not have been necessary to think that way.

The technology has made our lives very feasible, interesting and easier. Just look around. Its active in entertainment, manufacturing, communication, business, education, Retail, IT, Healthcare and every other domain. The healthcare industry has been transformed due to the technological applications in numerous dimensions. One of the important developments as been Telehealth.

In simple words all the health-related activities that are carried out using smartphones, email, video calls, software systems, on a remote access are covered under telehealth. These primarily include consulting, certain diagnosis, monitoring, supervision and order support. Interesting. Isn’t it?

Yes, Telehealth has brought the world closer bringing the vital medical professionals in a single loop. Doctors, nurses, patients, relatives, pharmacists, lab technicians etc. are connected seamlessly. It enables for direct one-to-one communication through calls where reports are shared, feedbacks taken, advice given, medicines ordered, and the patient recovery is monitored.

Understanding the Core

Telehealth involves the application of communication technologies like computers, internet, software, mobile phones, other portable devices, to access and manage health care services remotely. It is the effective synchronization of technologies forming a viable bridge between the patients to doctors, nurses, diagnostic centers, seamlessly for the consultation and advice.

Hope for Patients

Patients can connect through the various mediums for their needs.

  • Smartphones can help them make calls, fix meetings, chat and take photographs, upload the reports and documents through the mobile apps.
  • Video calls can be made to interact with the doctors for a live consultation.
  • Order medicines online through the mobile apps or online pharmacy portals.
  • Smart payments can be made online through mobile wallets, net banking or cards.
  • During the lab tasting, the samples can be collected while the test reports can be shared parallelly to the doctors and patients both.
  • Self-care has steadily become possible through the use of apps which enable the patients to feed the details of water intake, carbohydrate intake, sugar levels, BP figures etc.
  • Reference videos can be watched for guidance on certain points.
  • Auto reminders for the next call for consultation or scheduling the next appointment are helpful.
  • Cost saving for the patients as the need to physically visit the doctors, labs and pharmacies is totally avoided.

Doctors Extended Care

Telehealth has helped the doctors and medical professionals become easily available for their important and timely services. With the increase in population and rapid growth of urban and rural areas, doctors are required to be available for longer periods of time with patients coming from different areas. Telehealth in such cases makes the doctor available for online remote consultation.

  • Cloud-based software help to connect, maintain the patient data, diagnostic reports, make and record observations.
  • Better control given to doctors over the system of managing patients, tracking their progress and advising the right treatment.
  • Minimized travelling to various locations as it helps in remote functioning.
  • Better efficiency with every patient with steady and focused meeting.
  • Conference facility to connect with other doctors for opinions in critical cases.
  • Versatile accessibility giving them the edge to connect with diagnostic centers, pathological laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals.
  • Auto update and schedule organizer automatically sets the consulting schedule of the day based on the dates and timing entered.
  • Time saving aspect of telehealth helps the doctors in focusing on many patients and categorize them as per the type of health condition and priority.

Professional Advantage

Telehealth has upgraded the entire medical system and all the people connected in the chain.

Diagnostic centers and pathological laboratories are easily connected online through the interactive dynamic websites, dedicated healthcare portals or mobile apps. They care connected with the hospitals, clinics, patients and doctors for scheduling the procedures and generating the test reports. Soft copies are easily shared in minimum time duration.

Pharmacies operate through the modern cloud-based systems and mobile apps getting the requirements easily and clearly. It helps them maintain a concise data of the medicines, available stock, auto reminders for new stock replenishment. A customized report also can be generated about the medicines reaching the expiry dates.

Their versatile database includes the details of doctors, patients and hospitals ordering the medicines. The system also helps in tracking the feedback from doctors and patients regarding certain medicine availability and other inputs.

Towards A Healthy Future

In times of difficulty in the patient movement or in the cases of elderly care, telehealth comes as a boon for both patients and their relatives. It has simplified the process making the patients accessible and helping the doctors with the technological support for better, faster and efficient treatment. Telehealth can certainly help control the health conditions and improve he quality of life in the near future.