The threat of avian flu has abated on farms, but it may return in the fall

avian flu

Regarding the discovery of avian flu among dead birds in the region, Halton Region Public Health has warned residents of Milton, Halton, and other adjacent areas. The disease typically affects wild birds, but occasionally it can also affect commercial poultry and other animals.


The flu rarely infects humans; most cases arise from close contact with infected poultry. The wild birds suspected to be carrying avian influenza (H5N1) are being reported similarly across Canada.

The possibility of the avian flu infecting humans is extremely low. According to Dr. Joanna Oda, Associate Medical Officer of Health for Halton Region, “the majority of human cases of avian flu have been traced to unprotected contact, such as not wearing gloves, protective clothing, face masks, respirators, or eye protection, with infected poultry or their droppings.”

End Note

By and by, it is in every case better to follow safety measures, and general well-being authorities are asking occupants to stick to the accompanying updates:

The Ministry of Health, the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative, and Halton Region Public Health all provide access to additional information regarding the flu.

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