7 Nervous gestures to avoid in job interviews


Avoid playing with your hair, tapping your feet, or drumming your fingers on the table, as it can be distracting and suggest anxiety.

Avoiding Eye Contact

Maintaining good eye contact shows confidence and engagement. Avoiding eye contact can be perceived as a lack of confidence or interest.

Touching Your Face

Repeatedly touching your face, such as rubbing your nose or covering your mouth, can be seen as a sign of nervousness or dishonesty.

Crossing Your Arms

Crossing your arms can appear defensive or closed off. Keep your posture open to show that you are approachable and confident.

Overusing Hand Gestures

While some hand gestures can help emphasize your points, overusing them or making erratic movements can be distracting. Aim for controlled and purposeful gestures.

Playing with Objects

Avoid fiddling with pens, rings, or other objects. It can indicate nervousness and divert attention from what you are saying.


Poor posture can suggest a lack of interest or confidence. Sit up straight, with your shoulders back, to project confidence and attentiveness.