8 Memory Techniques Toppers Don't Tell You About

Visualization and Association

Create vivid mental images and associate new information with something you already know. This technique helps in creating strong mental connections.

The Memory Palace (Method of Loci)

Imagine placing the information you want to remember in specific locations within a familiar place, like your home. By mentally walking through these locations, you can recall the information.


Break down large pieces of information into smaller, manageable chunks. This technique is especially useful for memorizing numbers or long lists.

Spaced Repetition

Review the information at increasing intervals over time. This technique helps reinforce long-term memory retention.


Use acronyms, rhymes, or phrases to help remember information. For example, "PEMDAS" for the order of operations in mathematics.

Elaborative Encoding

Relate new information to what you already know by adding meaningful context and details. This technique enhances understanding and recall.

Mind Mapping

Create a visual diagram that connects related concepts. This technique helps in organizing and integrating information, making it easier to remember.

Active Recall

Test yourself on the material rather than passively reviewing it. Actively retrieving information strengthens your memory and understanding.