Yoga for Anxiety and Stress: The Various Mental Health Benefits

In 21 century, the tech world depends on one’s cognitive capabilities.

It is often observed that employees get burnt out with intense workflow, and after long hours of continuous working, their cognitive abilities diminish, which leads to mental fatigue, an increase in stress, depression, anxiety, and Insomnia is one of the recurring ailments these. In such a scenario, a person seeks medical treatment from doctors such as therapy and medical tablets which give good results at first but it temporarily relieves the patient and soon after medicine effects wear off the person’s dosage consumption increases. This can lead to severe bio-psyche disorders.

As a remedy, people are trying yoga therapy and it is classified as Complementary to Alternative Medicine by the National Institute of Health too!

Along similar lines, The World Health Organization has mentioned that only a quarter of people get treated for depression and anxiety in the world. This results due to an unhealthy lifestyle. The reports mention that 14% of the world’s adolescents in a billion people are suffering from mental disorders, and only just a small fraction of people are able to get treated with affordable treatments.

Countries that have a high number of mental health patience in the world US, Canada, France, Germany, and New Zealand, and Eastern cultures, such as Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and China.

WHO reports say, females are more depressed than the male population globally. 60-64 years of age females have shown signs more than males.

Any guesses, what can be the probably reason?

These days, people neglect daily exercise to get rest because they have overspent their energy in the office or are too lazy to move. But, physical exercises improve our lifestyle in staying active and mental exercises help us in sustaining good mental health.

If you are looking for ways to enrich your health with dynamic yoga practices, this blog is everything you need to know

Few key pointers on the mental health benefits of Yoga.

  • Yoga cures chronic stress, which is affirmed to affect the hippocampus. The study on chronic stress has shown positive effects in decreased concentration, memory loss, fear, anger, and irritation.
  • People who indulge in Yoga asanas on regular basis have demonstrated a more steady approach to critical situations compared to those who did not practice Yoga.
  • Significant growth in strength has been observed in different age groups after only a couple of months of accomplishing mind-blowing results.
  • Improved mood conditions, better sleep, a rush of energy throughout the day, positivity, and Reduced risk of depression. Improvement in relationships is some of the commonly known facts among the masses.

This sounds pretty enticing! Are you kicking your mind for various ways that can improve your mental well-being?

Follow the trail!

Three Efficient Ways to Achieve Good Mental Health

Improving your mental health improves not only you but also the world around you. To bring yoga benefits into spotlight, this blog curates three significant yoga benefits for mental health.

Physical exercises are a key part. It can be either Yoga or a slow pace walk in the park or an hour in the gym. As known with its benefits, the above mentioned easy to implement exercises improve blood circulation in the body and fuel brain and body cells with oxygen that prevents tragic deaths. But, it is not just restricted to the hematology of human anatomy. Physical exercise improves brain neural power and is not limited to one. Sharper memory, clarity in thoughts, higher self-esteem, stronger resilient, and increased brain-derived neurotrophic factors(BDNF).

You might be thinking that, out of all these dynamic exercises, which one to go for. Well, that might be a mindboggling one!

Aerobic exercises increase cardiovascular strength, but weight training and Yoga have shown great results. “Surya Namaskar” is considered one of the best in terms of cardiovascular and full body weight training. Researchers have yet to find an optimal type of exercise that improves mental health.

Let’s see the merits of getting our nose dipped in the best pic

Breathing exercises:

Today, people are suffering from multiple breathing problems, and children are getting diagnosed with asthma. A study shows that Yoga constitutes multiple breathing exercises with different intensities of asanas, and one of the most popular ones is meditation and is mostly used for focus and concentration on breathing patterns. The asanas are Siddhasana, Matsya asana, Shavasana, etc. These asanas help in calming one’s neural activity by reducing unwanted thoughts that cloud our decision-making capabilities.


Eating is a daily activity in one’s life but eating the right food and in an appropriate amount is what changes the game!

People often neglect this and munch on fast foods, but it is necessary to add fruits and brain enriching food that helps the brain. To function optimally, our brain consumes almost 70-80% of the energy that we get from eating, so it’s imperative that we add. Foods like grapefruit, seeds, and nuts are commonly known to people but people choose to ignore the fact that it’s for food that people work day and night.

Capabilities of a Mentally Healthy Person

  • Flexibility to learn new skills and adapt to changes.
  • Lives a balanced life by spending time wisely with family, office, and entertainment.
  • People with good Mental Health possess the ability to maintain fulfilling relationships.
  • The ability to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression (post-traumatic stress disorder) PTSD mentally is an indication of mentally healthy people.

Causes of Stress and Anxiety

There are multiple causes of stress and anxiety, and few commonly known are as below:

  • Work pressure overworked
  • Verbal, sexual, and physical trauma
  • Major emotional shock following a stressful or traumatic event
  • Family and relationship problems (it’s more common in all age groups)
  • Death or loss of a loved one

Wrapping Up

People who are focused on perfection, timid in nature, flustered, lack self-esteem are prone to Anxiety and Stress even depression. The concept of being mentally healthy is not necessarily new to us, but it needs more scientific research, and we need to understand it in more depth. Yoga is one of the ancient knowledge that is still not completely understood by the masses, and only a handful of scholars know the depth, and the rest of the population only knows the tip of the iceberg!

Improvement signs have indicated people who volunteer to take part in Yoga mediated lifestyle on daily basis have seen changes in their approach to life and life around them, and they feel younger than before.

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