10 Most Inspiring Healthcare Woman-Leaders To Watch 2022 November2022

10 Most Inspiring Healthcare Woman-Leaders To Watch 2022


Misker Kassahun: Healing and Empowering Ethiopian Society

“I am motivated by my desire to help my community,” states Misker Kassahun, “I believe we rise by lifting others. She believes that real joy comes not from materialistic possessions but from helping others grow, and that’s where one’s life starts to have real meaning and value. Adding the vision of leading a purposeful life to her white coat, her leadership rightly accumulates the quality of spearheading a life of service; hence, the fruits of generosity have rubbed off through Misker’s Non-profit organization, GIV Society Ethiopia. As the Co-founder and...

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Sarah Spiekermeier

An uninsured American faces greater health hardship than an insured American today. The uninsured individual would not seek medical care and avoid preventive health screenings due to high costs. On the same lines, in mid-2022, around half of the U.S. adults were having difficulty in affording health care costs, with four in ten reporting that they have delayed medical care. While middle-income adults are likely to face the dilemma, it is noticed that higher-income adults are also not...

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Katie Lau

The health care sector is expanding with amplified technological innovations and utilities. This is positively impacting various elements and services of the field and is prominently being noticed in different cosmetic surgeries. They subsequently present the patients with multiple non-invasive techniques for the beauty services they desire, benefitting them with cost-effective, safe, and durable rejuvenation. Research suggests that most of the beneficiaries of medical aesthetic services are women, around 85 percent of them, but the number of women...

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Salsawit Tesfaye Yigrem

Since the end of the COVID 19 pandemic, the global population has experienced new outbreaks frequently, which created concern among people seeking change and transformation. This transformation was noticeable under effective leadership and has led to control of panic and illnesses among the people. The need for leaders was humongous, dealing with the expeditious change. Women were a major part of it. Nurtures by nature, women assumed around 30% of C-suit positions in the health care sector, creating...

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