Air Doctor Secures $20 Million to Expand its Worldwide Footprint

Air Doctor, medical care and travel startup, has raised $20 million for scaling the company globally.

Air Doctor was founded in Israel in 2018, as a startup that connects tourists looking for medical care with local doctors whilst in a foreign country, through their intuitive mobile and desktop app.

The successful startup currently employs over 60 people based in Europe and Israel. It’s outpatient medical network covers 74 countries and involves over 20,000 medical professionals who deliver either in-person or telemedicine consultations.

Previously, Air Doctor has raised $10.9 million since its launch in 2018. Now, this next round of investment capitalizes on the global influx in tourists after the COVID-19 pandemic.  With this investment, the start up is looking forward to entering in the next phase of growth.

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