Dr. Praveen N. Sahave – Revolutionizing Piles Treatment in India

Abhyudya Piles | Dr Praveen N Sahave
Abhyudya Piles | Dr Praveen N Sahave

People suffering from Piles disease are forced to live a very distressing and painful life. And in a conservative country like India, a significant number of people silently endure this ailment without disclosing their condition. A sense of embarrassment hinders them from seeking appropriate treatment or even undergoing medical evaluations. Also, the lack of good medical facilities aggravates the situation.

Dr. Praveen N. Sahave, a visionary in the realm of Piles treatment in India, has made remarkable strides in this field. He is a Dip. Cosmetic Gynaecology General Surgeon and Laser Cosmetic Surgeon having over 13 years of Laser Surgical experience.

Through his expertise and dedication, he has successfully improved the quality of life for numerous individuals by employing a combination of Ayurveda and laser technology to treat piles. He started his own venture – Abhyudaya – to provide affordable and high-quality laser treatment.

With an unwavering commitment to serving society, Dr. Sahave goes beyond his clinical practice. He actively participates in various seminars and delivers guest lectures on critical diseases, sharing his valuable insights and knowledge with fellow medical professionals and the wider community.

Through his extensive research and experience, Dr. Sahave has proven that Ayurveda, combined with advanced medical technology, can bring about transformative results. His dedication to continuously improving and refining his treatment methods has earned him recognition as a leading expert in the field. His story is truly motivating for anyone who desires to venture into healthcare and make a positive impact.

While interacting with us, Dr. Sahave shared some insightful details about his life and journey in healthcare. Please find below highlights from the interview:

Humble yet Inspiring Beginnings

Dr. Praveen N. Sahave always envisioned becoming a doctor. He was a curious kid who wanted to find the root cause of people’s health problems and hence entered the medical field. Dr. Sahave comes from a small village in Maharashtra and has faced his share of struggles. While completing primary and secondary education at “Punhai”, he had to cycle 3kms to his school every day. After completing his secondary education at Motala he did B.AM.S. from a college in Mozari, Amravati. With his good merit, he easily got admission to Government Ayurveda Medical College, Nagpur where he completed his M.S. (Shalya.) in Ayurveda.

Venture into Laser Treatment

While pursuing medical education, Dr. Sahave found out about the situation of Pile disease in India. He got to know that there are a lot of people who suffer from the disease but are not vocal about it. He also came to know that there weren’t good medical facilities in India. Due to the embarrassment of talking about the disease and the lack of good medical facilities, many people have to suffer in silence.

Dr. Sahave decided to change the scenario and started his research into the field. He wanted to bring the latest technologies to India. So, he went ahead and did a 15-day training in Laser Proctology in Zenghzou, China.

He wanted more people to take advantage of the technology and hence decided to spread his knowledge by training other doctors. He has given Laser Proctology training to more than 150 doctors from all over India and also international doctors. The success of bringing the beam technology to Central India earned him the title of “Brand Ambassador of Beam in India” (Zhengzhou, China).

The Inception of Abhyudaya

Growing up in a financially challenged environment Dr. Sahave saw a lack of good healthcare infrastructure. After learning the benefits of laser treatment, he wanted to make it accessible to people of all classes. So, he started Abhyudaya with a vision to make economical high-quality medical facilities.

Abhyudaya is an ISO-certified laser super specialty hospital in Nagpur that provides affordable laser treatment to economically unstable people. Piles is treated with the latest technology in the hospital and daycare procedures are implemented. Dr. Sahave has the strong support of his wife Dr. Puja Sahave, who is also an Ayurvedic guide and gynaecologist. She is equally dedicated and assists him in his work.

The hospital is managed by Dr. Sahave and his wife. They specialize in treating piles using BIEM laser technology and also Ayurveda. They offer other treatments and services as well –

  • Ayurveda medicine for Piles, Fissures and Fistula, Pilonidal sinus, diabetes, and Liver Diseases.
  • Advanced Laser treatment for all Proctology diseases
  • Cosmetic Laser Gynaecological treatment,
  • Cosmetic Laser for Skin, Hair, Tattoo removal.

Starting Abhyudaya with a tight budget was not easy but Dr. Sahave was determined in what he was doing so started with a small clinic on rent. His hard work and dedication paid off and Abhyudaya now has 4 branches in Maharashtra. The consistent and diligent work of Dr. Sahave and Dr. Puja Sahave in the field of piles, fissures, and fistulas has got Abhyudaya numerous awards and recognitions.

Giving Back to the Society

Dr. Sahave comes from a humble background and understands the struggles faced by middle-class people. Having gone through all of it, he decided to serve the community where healthcare is a luxury. He organizes free surgery camps every year at various places and has cured thousands of patients to date. Apart from this, he also announces a 50% discount on laser treatment from the 1st to 5th of every month.

Dr. Sahave is of the view that knowledge is dualistic and hence started training other doctors. He started sharing the knowledge and experience he received from his laser training in China. He continues this activity and has guided more than 150 doctors through demonstration of beam laser technology till now. He also gives lectures on laser treatment of critical diseases in various national and international seminars.

Social Media for Good Use

Social media has emerged as a powerful tool in recent years. Dr. Sahave is leveraging the vast reach of social media to spread his knowledge and educate others about Piles and other critical illnesses. He is committed to healing patients by using spirituality, Ayurveda, and laser treatment methods. To accomplish this, he conducts seminars, guidance, and free consultations all over the country.

“I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services to insurance coverage.”- emphasizes Dr Sahave.

He even started his own YouTube channel named ‘Praveen Sahave’ which provides guidance and advice on piles. His solid online presence on various platforms like YouTube and Instagram has led to a strong social media following. He has around 195k followers on Instagram and 14k subscribers on YouTube. A lot of people have gained vital information from his channel.

Awards and Recognitions

Dr. Praveen Sahave has secured 35 National and 1 International Award for his pioneering work at just 36 years old. Skillfully merging Ayurveda and laser technology, he excels in treating hemorrhoids, fissures, and pilonidal sinuses. Trained by Dr. Firaz in Laser Proctology and Ayurvedic Surgery, he leads Nagpur’s Punyashlok Ahilyabai Yuva Munch, conducting free medical camps.

With 120+ lectures, workshops, and research published in Tokyo’s International Journal, Dr. Sahave’s impact is truly remarkable.

Following are some of the notable awards and recognitions he has received for his exceptional work in the field of healthcare:

  • India Leadership Award


  • AYURVISHARAD AWARD by Himalaya Drug Company, Bangalore, in 2005.


  • Brand Ambassador of Biem Technology in India – 2017 (Zhengzhou, China)
  • Samaj Bhushan Award by Dhangar Yuvak Mandal – 2017 (Nagpur)


  • Ahilya Ratna Award – 2018 (Pune)
  • Best Piles Surgeon of Maharashtra – 2018 (Bangalore)
  • Young Outstanding laser Surgeon of Maharashtra – 2018 (Bangalore)
  • National Zero Mile Award – 2018 (Nagpur)
  • Times Health Care Achiever Award – 2018 (Mumbai)
  • Punyashloka Ahilya Medico Award – 2018 (Pune)
  • Mahamitra Puraskar by Hon. C.M. Devendra Fadnavis – 2018 (Mumbai)
  • Yuvapratap State Level Krishi-samajik Award – 2018 (Pune)
  • Buldana Bhushan Award by Buldana Jilha Nagrik Mandal – 2018 (Nagpur)


  • FRACS Fellowship in Proctology – 2019 (Bhubaneshwar, Orissa)
  • Sakal Excellence Award by Hon. Nitin Gadkari – 2019 (Nagpur)
  • Pratigya Social Impact Award for Proctology by Dia Mirza – 2019 (New Delhi)


  • Excellence in LASER Proctocology 2020


  • India Icon Awards 2021 (Bangalore)
  • Leadership Award for Best Piles Laser Hospital of Nagpur – 2021
  • Sushrut Award 2021 Extraordinary Work in Proctology (Pune)
  • Vaidya Khadiwaale Sushrut Award 2021 (Pune)


  • Dhanavantri Award – 2022 (Hyderabad)


  • Best Laser Piles Surgeon of Nagpur (Big Impact 2023)
  • Yashavant Ratna Award – 2023 (Pune)