Dr. Shigil Mathew Varghese – Revolutionizing Healthcare, One Patient at a Time

St George Healthcare | Dr Shigil Mathew Varghese
St George Healthcare | Dr Shigil Mathew Varghese

Affordable and advanced healthcare solutions are a pressing need in today’s world, and it has become increasingly challenging to access quality healthcare services at an affordable cost. Growing up in Kerala, India, Dr. Shigil Mathew Varghese had always been interested in healthcare. As a child, he witnessed firsthand the struggles of people in his community who were unable to access quality medical care due to the high costs and limited availability of healthcare services in the area. This experience sparked a desire in Dr. Varghese to pursue a career in medicine and help address the issue of affordable healthcare.

After completing his medical education, Dr. Varghese began working as an Administrator, Medical Director, Licensed Consultant Physician and Diabetologist. He quickly realized that many of his patients were struggling to afford medical care, and this was preventing them from receiving the treatments they needed to manage their health conditions. Dr. Varghese felt that this was a significant barrier to healthcare access and decided to take action.

He began exploring innovative healthcare solutions that could make medical care more affordable and accessible to all. Since then, he has been immensely acknowledged for diagnosing injuries, illnesses, treatments and recommendations to appropriate medical super specialists. It is his understanding of different treatment modalities that enables him to address the patients’ body, no matter if it needs emergency or special intervention. It is this ability that makes him stand out from the crowd.

Besides his work in healthcare, Dr. Varghese has been actively involved in medical research and has published several papers in international journals. He is also a sought-after speaker, regularly presenting at medical conferences on topics related to diabetes management and patient-centered care.

Dr. Varghese’s unwavering commitment to providing affordable and advanced healthcare solutions to all is truly commendable. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, his innovative thinking and leadership will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the future of healthcare in India and beyond. Despite his success, Dr. Varghese remains humble and committed to his mission of making healthcare affordable and accessible to all. He continues to work tirelessly to develop new solutions and strategies to address the issue of healthcare affordability, and his work is making a significant impact on people’s lives. Through his affordable care solutions and patient- centered approach, he is transforming the healthcare industry and ensuring that everyone has access to quality medical care, regardless of their income or location.

Let’s dive into Dr. Varghese’s journey to addressing affordable care which is a testament to his dedication and commitment to improving the lives of others.

Dr. Varghese in Brief

Dr. Varghese is a highly qualified healthcare professional with over with over 3+ years experience in medical institutional management. He is an expert in public health, strategic planning, studies conduction and epidemiological monitoring. Dr. Varghese also has a deep knowledge of issues related to daily administrative and operational functions. He demonstrates strong leadership and is a decision-making and implementer.

In addition, Dr. Varghese has also been a hospital administrator with 16+ years of experience in veterinary management, managing 24-hour specialty and emergency, general and mixed, specialty practice. He has been accountable for all aspects of day-to-day operations including adoptions, community outreach, donor relationship building, budgeting, and strategic planning.

Journey So Far

Dr Shigil Mathew Varghese is a graduate of M.E.S Indian School, Doha, Qatar. He completed his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery M.B.B.S. at the prestigious Sri Siddhartha Medical College, Tumkur, Karnataka, India. During his training period, he was a resident surgeon at Sri Siddhartha Medical College and General Hospital, Ernakulam, Kerala, India. He completed his Doctor of Medicine (MD) in General Medicine from Vinayaka Missions Medical College and Hospital, Karaikal, Pondicherry, India.

Whether it is current treatment methods, newer treatment methods, or new forms of treatment, Dr. Varghese’s smoothness in dealing with issues, his ability to think critically in high-pressure crises, and his ability to make the right decision and strive for it under compulsion, speak loudly about his character. and persistence as a medical expert.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Dr. Varghese’s journey from graduation to working in various medical facilities was not a bed of roses. He had his struggles, limitations and failures. It was when his family established St. George Healthcare in Kozhencherry, Pathanamthitta to provide Dr. Varghese’s health services. That is when he felt that his hard work and dedication, along with the blessings and support of his family and relatives, paid off. In those years, it was the same passion and hope that drove them to run Sree Ayyappa Medical College and Research Foundation and Vadasserikkara with PSN Charitable and Educational Trust.

Delivering Quality Care to the Poor

Dr. Varghese and his family are soon planning to start a medical college with seats for 150 MBBS students in the next academic year. They will do so once the full NMC inspection process is complete. The main objective of setting up this medical facility is to provide budget-friendly, highly advanced and quality healthcare solutions to the poor and bereaved families, Sabrimala pilgrims and the wider rural population of the surrounding areas. “Through this ongoing project, we hope to find a way to spread this initiative and help the masses,” says Dr. Varghese.

Publications and Certifications

Over the years, his list of important subjects like MedPulse International Journal of Medicine 1(2), 13-21 2; A study of fasting and postprandial lipid abnormalities in type 2 diabetes. J. Evolution Med.; Ectopic thyroid with thyrotoxicosis: A rare case of lingual thyroid in a child; A prospective, randomized, controlled autologous platelet-rich plasma for diabetic foot ulcers, published in MedPulse International Journal of Surgery 1(3), pp. 25-30, reflects his deep understanding of the subject.

His other research interests include the prevalence of sensorineural hearing loss in type 2 diabetes and its relationship to glycemic status and duration of diabetes, Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences 5 (28), 1456-1461 6; Hemoglobin and thyroid dysfunction in postmenopausal women: a descriptive clinical study International Journal of Advanced Research in Medicine 2021; 3(2): 415-418 7 and a study on the relationship between age and thyroid dysfunction in postmenopausal women, International Journal of Advanced Research in Medicine 2021; 3 (2): 419-422.

Dr. Varghese holds several certifications such as Doctor of Medicine (General Medicine) (Honori Causa) at the UN World Peace Institute, June 2022, Bloodborne Pathogens “NHCPS, January 2019”, Exercise and Mental Health “Open University, January 2018,” Drug Development Process: Pain Prevention “Open University, January 2018,” gene therapy “Open University, January 2018,” and others. He is currently assigned to St. George Dialysis Center in St. the Health of George, St. George’s Department of Speech and Audiology as Medical Director.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Healthcare Excellence (Physician) of the year 2022, Travancore, Kerala
  • Winners of Global Education & Global Icon Awards, 2023
  • Accredited for “INSC Young Researcher Award – 2023”
  • Fox Story India Rising Sparks – 2023
  • Nominated for the highest Civilian Award of the National Book of Records “Bharat Vibhushan”
  • Nominated for “Fox Story India 50 under 50 Quality Leaders 2023”
  • Awarded with PrimeTime Global Icon Awards 2023 for Healthcare Excellence (Physician) of the year 2022, Travancore, Kerala.
  • 50 under 50 quality leaders from Foxstoryindia, Seva Bhushan Puraskar.
  • Best Physician from Global Scholars Foundation and Bharat Vibhushan award from the National Book of Records.