FDA’s New Rules to Label ‘Healthy’ for Food Packaging Industries


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed new rules on Wednesday dictating the criteria for labeling healthy  food on the packaging of products. This is an initiative to promote healthier eating in the U.S. According to FDA, the new rules would change the existing definition of the word ‘healthy’, and it would be replaced by another, reflecting current nutrition science.

Foods like nuts, seeds, and certain oils could be called healthy as per the rules, and if included in the product it could be labeled ‘healthy’.

What Does FDA say and why?

FDA defined the term ‘healthy’ in 1993 which was based on the values of fat and vitamin. Since that time, the health sector has seen many changes and that has affected the meaning of the word healthy along with its ascending popularity. The old concerns no longer exist and therefore might affect health adversely if the foods are not labeled correctly.

Affecting the people

Though the rules are proposed, implementation is still a question. However, it would change the labeling of the packaged food as ‘healthy’ and would only be labeled if it fits the given criteria.

This change would educate people with understanding of what actually is healthy. Reflecting upon this development, Becerra—the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services says, “We have to make it so that everyone understands that nutrition is health and food is medicine.”

Take Home Tips

Though the food might be labeled healthy, it is not necessary that it should have a positive effect on one as different bodies have different concerns. Diet, being an important part of a healthy lifestyle should be planned according to the need of the body.

Even if the food is packed and labeled ‘healthy,’ it might not be so for you. So, the next time you decide to buy ‘healthy food’ make sure it is healthy for you!

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