Research to Study Possible Link Between Child Vaccines and Asthma


The question regarding the link between child vaccines and asthma has been lingering in scientists’ communities for a long time. Child vaccines are known to have aluminum, a vaccine additive that might lead to allergic reactions and asthma in children.

The possible link has been found by a new federally funded study; however, the research is said to have shortcomings and therefore does not suggest the change of the current vaccine.

The study was not able to establish a strong connection between the use of vaccines and asthma to which Dr. Paul Offit of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in his statement says, “Making an extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence.” He further showed his concern regarding the issue saying that the flawed study might scare families away from proven vaccines.

Though the link is not proven it is still a doubtful concern if the disadvantages of vaccine would outweigh its advantages.

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