Genetic Testing Helps in Reducing and Preventing Cancer: Study

Genetic Testing

On Sunday, top cancer specialists reported about the huge potential of genetic testing in playing a key role in reducing and preventing cancer by early identification of hereditary cancer patients who bear the gene mutations elevating their lifetime cancer risk for them and their family members.

The oncologists identified that there exists a higher cancer risk associated with specific genetic mutations in women with uterine, ovarian, and breast cancers respectively.

London-based oncologist Ranjit Manchanda who is currently in India to spread awareness on preventive oncology said that evidence from India showed 10 percent of breast cancers could be prevented with genetic testing. The average shows, that three to five percent of uterine cancers, four to five percent of breast cancers, and twenty percent of ovarian cancers can be prevented through genetic testing.

Oncologists cited that ninety percent of cancer prevention in women undergoing risk-reduction surgeries on being detected with cancer-causing genes. The detection can also play an instrumental role to prevent the risk of cancer in the families of patients, opting for screening and follow-up.

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