The Rising of Plant-Based Supplements in Beauty Care

(The value of the beauty care industry in 2022 is $534 billion with estimated annual growth of 5.86% CAGR)

Beauty care is rising and for everything that concerns health, beauty experts are eye popped with the wide demographic participation—socially and economists are stunt with its high revenue growth, contributing to the global economy.

$534 billion and counting! That is the wide growth of the beauty care industry, but with chemical-based compositions. However, plant-based supplements in the beauty segment have set the ball rolling to a new dawn of organic care.

Why choose Plant-based?

It is well-established fact that many cosmetics use chemicals that result in damage to the skin including causing wrinkles, early aging, and even cancer in a few cases.

To be on the safer side and be able to take care, the best alternative for chemical-based products are plant-based products. They are gentle, use natural substances, and have minimal to no side effects on the skin. Apart from this, plant-based products are also known to healthify the skin.

Another reason to choose plant-based products is that many of these products that use natural substances do not harm nature and are cruelty-free, thus providing protection to the environment along with vitamins to the skin.

The Future Roadmap

The awareness has led to the global vegan cosmetic market’s estimated value to grow to $24.79 billion in 2028. The trend of natural and vegan care is here to stay and to flourish more with the growing awareness about the ecosystem among people.

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