Healthy Teenagers at Risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Healthy Teenager

New findings have reported that healthy teenagers are at open risk of heart arrhythmias which could develop heart disease or lead to sudden cardiac death. This new concern could be triggered after breathing fine particulate air pollution, despite air pollution being within common air quality limits. The causes of pollution, particularly include pollutants by vehicles.

Doctors have come to this conclusion after monitoring the air breathed and the heart activities of more than 300 healthy US teens for 24 hours. It was found that the higher concentration of the fine particles, called PM2.5s, increases the risk of irregular heartbeats for two next hours.

Dr. Fan He, the lead author of the study, in his statement, expresses concern over the results of the test as he says it is devastating for the families and the larger community.  The researchers have also noted it to be the first study to create an association between PM2.5s and cardiac arrhythmias.

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