New AI-integrated App Accurately Detects COVID-19 from Patient’s Voices 


With a breakthrough in technological applications in medical diagnosis, a new AI-powered mobile application can accurately detect COVID-19 from the voices of different patients. Researchers identified the method to be very feasible and cost-effective best suited to be used in low-income countries as the regular RTPCR tests are difficult and costly. The European Respiratory Society International Congress in Barcelona, Spain, was presented with the research findings. 

With the experiments showing convincing results, this new smartphone application might accurately detect the COVID-19 infection by scrutinizing the patient’s voices using artificial intelligence (AI).  

Researchers asserted on the AI model has proved to be more accurate, feasible, time-saving, and cost-effective too. This AI model has an impressive 89 percent accuracy while the regular RTPCR lateral flow tests tend to vary as per different brands. Scientists claimed that the traditional flow tests are less accurate when the patients don’t show the symptoms of COVID-19 infection. 

A Netherland-based Maastricht University researcher, Wafaa Aljbawi said, “The results suggested that simple voice recordings and fine-tuned AI algorithms can ‘potentially achieve high precision in determining which patients have Covid-19 infection’. 

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