Green Health: Biden Administration to announce New National Strategy to tackle Hunger, Nutrition and Health Issue

green health

(Diet-related death outrank death from smoking  and 50% of deaths from heart disease—nearly 900 deaths a day)

In a statement, Press Secretary—Karine Jean-Pierres says, “We will announce a national strategy at the Conference that identifies actions the government will take to catalyze the public and private sectors to drive transformative change and address the intersections between food, hunger, nutrition, and health.”

Health and Fitness Issue

The data outcome from the pandemic survey reveals that American Diet is shortening the lives of the US population. To tackle the issue, Biden Administration will hold a White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health on the 28th of September. This will encourage scientists, care professionals and health and fitness experts to take further steps to promote and ensure Health and Fitness practices.

This development has brought nutrition issues into the global spotlight. There have been many upgrades in the nutritional arena worldwide, but with a lack of education in the Green Health segment, it is highly important that healthcare stakeholders focus not only on green health practices but a higher role that is played by fitness centers.

How to Ensure Green Health?

Diet is the major element of a healthy lifestyle, but it is not simply the diet that can get the ball rolling for an individual. A well-balanced lifestyle that includes a synchronized circadian cycle, healthy life practices like hitting the fitness centers, balanced food intake at regular intervals, and a periodic medical consultation can be of vital help.

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