A New Drug Therapy Support in Treating Drug-resistant TB 


A new therapy for the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis proves effective with 3-4 drugs administered for the 6 months duration itself, whereas the current treatment comprises 13-14 drugs daily given for 18-24 months together. 

The ZeNix phase III clinical trials conducted in Georgia, Moldova, Russia, and South Africa, showed an impressive breakthrough in effective treatment.  

This is expected to have the maximum impact which has the world’s highest challenge of disease, including its multidrug-resistant pressures. A simpler, smarter, and feasible drug therapy here will decipher into greater consent and cure. 

Volodymyr, the research doctor in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv announced a major milestone on the 31st Aug marking his final day of taking a new treatment and marking it a turning point in the fight against drug-resistant TB.  

Volodymyr said about having nasty neurological side effects when he was on a previous drug regimen, which takes up to two years, involves a huge number of pills, and is less than 60 percent effective. 

However, the new treatment routine took six months only to offer him very few side effects. “It was very easy,” Volodymyr happily quipped. 

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