Psychobiotics May Empower Mental Well-being, Neuroscientist Reveals 


As confirmed through some recent studies, imbalanced gut bacteria can affect the patient’s mental health as well. The study revealed that poor gut health might impact cognitive performance and lead to depression with other anxiety symptoms.  

Probiotics have become an increasingly preferred health supplement that might improve gut health, thereby boosting numerous aspects from the skin’s appearance to performance among endurance athletes.   

The Society of Biological Psychiatry revealed through their findings, that “the patients suffering from psychiatric illness, have produced a health benefit when ingested with live organisms in adequate quantities, so these specific probiotics,” are categorized as psychobiotics.  

The researchers identified an important fact that probiotics positively impact patients suffering from mental health concerns. 

Psychobiotics are not a specific type of probiotics. They are probiotics that are identified to improve the brain-gut axis positively. Psychobiotics include the probiotics like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. 

Dr Elizabeth Philipps, clinical neuroscientist and nutrition expert at supplement producer fourfive said, “The gut and the brain are intimately linked via direct nerve connections. Bacteria in our gut send signals to our brain via the blood and through different signaling chemical mediators. We call this the gut-brain axis. A healthy gut means a healthy body and mind.” 

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