What is Polypill, and How Does it Reduce Major CardioVascular Events


Highlights: (Patients with Polypill consumption found to lower risk of heart diseases by 33%)

What is a polypill?

The what, why, and how of healthcare have always been astonishing medicos and patients worldwide. In a recent discovery that has eased doctors and ushered ray of hope across patients is a pill- a combination of 3 drugs—aspirin, ramipril, and atorvastatin.

The Research Findings

In a recent discovery, Dr. Valentine Fuster claims that after an in-depth study of 2499 patients, half of the patients were given Polypill and the other half with standard care. Finding the result of this exercise, Dr. Fuster notes, “It seems that we have a tremendous kind of tool, which is a simple polypill, that actually is significantly better. Probably most of the reason is because of better adherence because it’s a simple drug, with superb results and the impact is as good or even better than aspirin in the past.

As the major cardiovascular disorientation occurs due to the RBC and WBC mechanism, which is responsible for multiorgan functioning. The suggested pill works on regulating blood flow, reducing excess cholesterol accumulation, and amplifying blood cell regeneration with minimal entropy, ultimately leading to healthy living for patients at risk of cardiovascular strokes.

Check the Facts!

As per the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States, every 40 seconds, one patient is hit by heart attack, and on an annual term, there are 805,000 heart attacks.

And this new remedy proposed by Dr. Fuster is predicted to ease the pain and usher hope in the global health community.

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