Prestigious Edinburg Medal Awarded to Mario Negri-Italian Research Institute

Mario Negri
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The Mario Negri Institute, renowned for its refusal to patent discoveries, was awarded the prestigious Edinburgh Medal during a ceremony held in the Scottish capital on Tuesday. Established in 1961 through a generous bequest, the institute has made significant contributions to medical science, including the development of a life-saving drug for heart attack survivors and the introduction of trabectedin, which has improved outcomes for individuals suffering from the bone cancer sarcoma.

Giuseppe Remuzzi, the institute’s director, accepted the medal from Edinburgh’s Lord Provost Robert Aldridge, expressing gratitude for the tireless efforts of researchers over the institute’s history. He emphasized the institute’s commitment to training students, with over 900 international students having benefited from its programs. Many former students have gone on to advise health ministries worldwide and contribute to various academic institutions.

Dr. Simon Gage, director and chief executive of Edinburgh Science, commended the institute for its ethos of open access research in health, contrasting it with the profit-driven approach prevalent in the pharmaceutical industry. He highlighted the institute’s role in challenging the status quo and called for similar initiatives to be established in the UK, advocating for a more collaborative and transparent approach to global health challenges.

The award of the Edinburgh Medal to the Mario Negri Research Institute reflects its pioneering efforts to better society through groundbreaking research and its commitment to advancing healthcare on a global scale.

Clinical and biomedical research is the focus of the non-profit Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research. The philanthropist Mario Negri of Milan gave a particular donation that made it possible. Despite having its headquarters in Milan since February 1st, 1963, it was created in 1961.

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