Researchers Discover Crucial Part of Immune Cells in Liver Regeneration   

immune cells

A recent discovery made by researchers from MedUni Vienna has revealed that the immune cells play an important part in boosting the production of liver cells.  

During their investigations, the research team, led by Rudolf Oehler and Patrik Starlinger from MedUni Vienna’s Department of General Surgery identified a previously unknown dual function of neutrophils. The special population of white blood cells appear on the scene after the removal of the liver tissue (partial hepatectomy, PHx) and has been known to play a key role in regeneration. 

The researchers have now discovered that these immune cells change rapidly and thereby enhancing the factors that the liver requires for growth. 

Rudolf Oehler while outlining one of the key findings, said, “In identifying the dynamic role the neutrophils play in the liver generation, we have now discovered an immunological mechanism that may well be involved in the repair of all the tissue damage in the body.” 

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