Tecovirimat: Monkeypox Treatment Found in Anti-Smallpox Drug 


A recent study finds that the antiviral drug Tecovirimat appears to be safe and effective in the treatment of monkeypox symptoms and skin lesions. 

Tecovirimat also known as TPOXX is said to limit the spread of the virus in the body by inhibiting the work of the protein in releasing the enveloped virus. 

The lead author Angel Desai from the University of California, Davis said, “We have very limited clinical data on the use of tecovirimat for monkeypox infection. There is much to learn about the natural progression of the disease and how tecovirimat and other antivirals may affect it.” 

The recent outbreak of monkeypox led to the crossing of a new figure of 45,500 cases as of 22nd August respectively. The symptoms of monkeypox subside on their own in two to four weeks, 13 percent of patients however required hospitalization, as per a recent study. 

In a new study published in the journal of JAMA, 25 patients were administered tecovirimat therapy.  Tecovirimat is an FDA-approved antiviral medicine used for the treatment of smallpox.

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