With the Rise in Infections, Macau Launches Third Round of COVID-19 Testing

The world’s biggest gambling hub, Macau has launched a third round of mandatory COVID-19 testing for its more than 600,000 residents on Monday, in a push to curb a rise in infections. Already, in the past week, two rounds of COVID tests were conducted in Macau, and the latest one is expected to end on Tuesday.

The city’s government said that Authorities in Macau have locked down multiple buildings and put more than 5,000 people in quarantine in the past few days.

As per the orders of authorities, the citizens of the territory will have to remain at home as much as possible with most of the city effectively closed, including bars, hair salons and outdoor parks. In a move to protect local jobs, nightclubs, while mostly deserted, are allowed to stay open.

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